Yes on Issue 2: Pharma Called On Drug Company Money Laundering in ‘International Business Times’ Article on Ohio Campaign

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Legal experts took aim recently at the drug companies’ devious scheme to
mask their role in the campaign to defeat Ohio’s Issue 2 ballot measure.
“Certainly, setting up an LLC to launder drug company money into
fighting the ballot measure looks like an effort to evade Ohio’s
[campaign finance] transparency and disclosure laws,” said Brendan
Fischer, a director at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center. Issue 2
will save Ohio taxpayers up to $536 million a year in drug purchasing
costs, and it is hotly opposed by the drug industry.

International Business Times.

Background on Ohio Ballot Issue 2

The Yes on Issue 2 campaign is a broad-based, bi-partisan coalition.
More than 200,000 Ohio voters signed petitions to put an amendment on
the ballot in November that will lower drug prices for over 4 million
Ohioans, including 164,000 children, save taxpayers $400 million
annually, reduce healthcare costs for everyone and teach greedy drug
companies and their CEOs a lesson.

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