Women Mean Business: Version 2.0 Launches Next Infographic Installment Featuring Leading Women Entrepreneurs in San Francisco

Latest Release Builds on Series which also Includes Boston and New
York Women Business Leaders and Resources

2.0 Communications
, a public relations and digital communications
firm, today announced the latest installment in its infographic series
with the addition of Women
Mean Business: San Francisco
. The infographic showcases the Bay
Area’s businesses with women leadership, including Learnvest, Code for
America, Eventbrite, TaskRabbit and many more, as well as key resources
that support women-led initiatives.

“As a women-led organization, Version 2.0 has always encouraged
discussions focused on the realities of gender in the workplace,” said
Maura FitzGerald, partner and co-founder, Version 2.0 Communications.
“While our research has high points, there is still a lot of work to be
done, and we hope this will empower and inspire other women to know they
have unique support out there to help them achieve their business goals.”

Research from University of California Davis Graduate School of
Management found that women in leadership positions grew from 9.6
percent in 2010 to 12.3 percent in 2015, and the number of female CEOs
rose 21 percent over the last year (and 55 percent since 2006). While
women in leadership positions have increased, female CEOs still only
represent 4.3 percent of the CEO positions for the top 400 public
companies in California.

Other interesting findings include:

  • While more women than ever are CEOs of the Bay Area’s largest public
    companies, women still hold just one in eight of the senior executive
    and director positions;
  • Data from hiring platform Woo shows women in the Bay Area working as
    engineers, designers, developers and in other technical roles expect
    to earn 14 percent less than their male counterparts; and
  • Only four percent of senior partners at venture capital firms are

In addition to details on top women funded companies and stats on
progress towards gender equality, the “Advocacy, Association, Capital,
Education and Media” section of the infographic is meant to help women
find guidance, funding and mentorship. These organizations, which
include Tech in Motion, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. and Aspect Ventures, all
provide unique services geared toward supporting women in business

The San Francisco data follows two other infographics in the “Women Mean
Business” series – Boston
and New
. The findings from all three infographics show women have made
strides when it comes to leadership positions, but there is room for
improvement across the board.

“While the gap is slowly shrinking, women are less likely to get funding
and sit on board seats, and they still make less than the men working
the same jobs,” said Jean Serra, partner and co-founder, Version 2.0
Communications. “This series was designed to not only showcase the
powerful women in the workplace across three important tech hubs –
Boston, New York and San Francisco – but also provide a list of valuable
resources that will empower more women to get funded, get promoted or
acquire board seats.”

To download the infographic, visit Version 2.0’s highlights

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