With $2.7M in Seed Funding in the Bank, Purple Squirrel Launches Its Networking Engine to Level the Playing Field in the Job Search

New platform backed by Greycroft, CrossCut VC, 500 Startups and
others connects job seekers to career and mentorship opportunities with
talent from the most desired workplaces

, a trusted online marketplace for networking and recruiting
launched by an ex-Googler, announced today the launch of its platform
allowing job seekers to level the playing field and gain access to the
best companies to work for in the world, returning meritocracy back to
the hiring process. This comes off the heels of securing $2.7M in seed
funding in a round led by CrossCut Ventures, with Greycroft, Arena
Ventures, Luma Launch and 500 Startups also participating. Purple
Squirrel is reinventing the way people find employment by humanizing the
job search. The platform provides job seekers a chance to stand out and
ensure their resume is not submitted to another blackhole.

“We’re confident in the model Purple Squirrel has put forth to close the
gap between people with connections and those without them,” said Mark
Terbeek, Partner at Greycroft. “No matter your job function, hiring is
top of mind for nearly every company, so the market opportunity is huge.
By flipping the inefficient traditional model of blind outreach, Purple
Squirrel leverages natural supply and demand to better connect and
qualify candidates.”

The company name comes from the HR industry term “purple squirrel,”
referencing a candidate that perfectly meets a company’s qualifications
for a specific role. Through use of the platform, organizations are able
to uncover top talent that they might have missed through the
traditional online job application process, which increasingly relies on
impersonal automation.

“Finding a job is stressful and frustrating, and all of us at Purple
Squirrel know it can be a full-time job on its own,” said Jon Silber,
CEO of Purple Squirrel. “We also know employee referrals are the #1
source of hire, and how daunting searching for a job can be if you don’t
have a well-established network. Purple Squirrel gives all job seekers
the opportunity to get equal access to people who have their dream jobs,
get their foot in the door, and potentially be recommended by current
employees if they can prove they are a great fit. This gives more power
to job seekers, while also ensuring companies don’t miss out on hiring
the best-fit candidates.”

The marketplace offers job seekers 30-minute calls with “advocates”
operating as independent career consultants from their desired
workplaces, for a nominal fee. Fees are set entirely by the “advocate”
based on title, expertise, time availability and demand. Purple Squirrel
makes it easy for job seekers and advocates to connect for informational
interviews. Advocates can answer general questions about the company,
its culture and the role, as well as provide interview advice, resume
critiques and even consider an employee referral. Job seekers are
encouraged to search Purple Squirrel’s database by company or role to
ensure they find the right person.

“We believe Purple Squirrel can be very disruptive to corporate
recruiting,” says Brian Garrett, Managing Director at CrossCut. “Purple
Squirrel opens up access to the right people within a company who
understand culture, fit, and the needs of the job. It is an efficient
information marketplace that levels the playing field for all job
seekers and streamlines what is today a very inefficient recruiting

Advocates are incentivized to provide honest feedback to job seekers
knowing hiring the right candidates impacts the success of a company
directly. They are rewarded by contributing to the quality of their
company’s growing workforce, and they get paid for their time as
independent career coaches, while they help people land their dream jobs.

To get involved as an advocate or if you’re a job seeker looking for
career mentorship, please visit www.PurpleSquirrel.io.

About Purple Squirrel:

Purple Squirrel gives job seekers instant access to employees at the
best companies in the world to gain an exclusive hiring advantage. Based
in Los Angeles, California and founded by Jon Silber in June 2016,
Purple Squirrel has received $2.7M in funding to date. Purple Squirrel’s
platform allows job seekers to request time with insiders at their dream
companies to help learn how to land their dream jobs. Purple Squirrel
will help create efficiencies where they are lacking in the current job
search market. For more info, please visit www.PurpleSquirrel.io.


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