Video Game Industry Veterans Launch New Fantasy Platform for Sports & Esports

HypSports bridges the gap between sports and esports, creates
year-round engagement for all sports fans

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the consumption patterns of sports fans change and interest in
esports continues to grow at a double-digit rate, a new mobile product
called HypSports brings all sports fans together in a year-round,
competitive, social fantasy sports platform.

Designing the new app is a team of industry veterans, led by Mike
Taramykin, a video game executive who previously led sports product
development at EA SPORTS, Zynga, and FanDuel.

“The sports world is evolving in two major ways,” says Taramykin, CEO of
HypGames. “First, the way people watch sports is changing, with more
fans choosing to engage digitally and in an interactive manner. Second,
the very definition of what is considered a sport is changing, as is
evident with the rapid growth of esports.

“What’s interesting to us is that both trends are primarily driven by
younger fans. So we created HypSports as a way to bridge the gap between
sports and esports and drive competition for sports fans of all ages.”

Taramykin and his team are responsible for more than two decades of hit
video game development. Their first company, Hypnotix, created the
popular Outlaw Sports series in the late ‘90s before being acquired by
Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: “EA”) in 2005. At EA SPORTS, Taramykin was the
vice president and general manager of the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise
and launched the first groundbreaking free-to-play versions of Madden
NFL. From there, the team went on to lead new product innovation at
Zynga (NASDAQ: “ZNGA”) and Fanduel, before returning to their
entrepreneurial roots with HypSports.

HypSports leverages its founders’ experience by utilizing proven game
mechanics to drive season long fan engagement of live sports. The way
the platform works is simple; fans visit the app daily to acquire new
athletes for their rosters. These athletes can then be entered into
lineups that compete directly against other fans’ selections. Scoring is
based on the real-world stats of each athlete, similar to fantasy sports
but with a variety of innovative improvements.

Unlike traditional fantasy sports, where rosters are either determined
upfront with a draft, or created daily from scratch, a HypSports roster
grows over the course of a season, allowing fans to constantly improve
their lineups and their chances of winning.

Another HypSports innovation is that fans can benefit from playing
multiple sports at the same time because virtual prizes earned in one
sport can be used to benefit their rosters in another. With the help of
detailed stats and user-friendly features like the Best Lineup
button, fans of all knowledge levels can be competitive, and win. In
fact, more than 80 percent of HypSports users actively play multiple
sports simultaneously.

“We understand how to appeal to the digital sports fan because over the
years we’ve seen the industry from multiple vantage points,” Taramykin
says. “Our team has had a front row seat to the development of leading
console, mobile, and fantasy sports games, and that’s given us a truly
unique perspective.”

Currently, HypSports offers competitive play in major sports like
basketball, baseball, and football. Starting this summer, esports
leagues will be added as well so fans can compete using players from
their favorite esports teams.

The growth of esports has been massive. In 2016, an estimated 215
million people viewed esports coverage around the world. In 2014, more
than 27 million people watched the League of Legends Championship –
nearly twice as many viewers as the NBA Finals or the World Series.

Furthermore, the esports viewer is young, with 61 percent of the U.S.
audience under 25 years of age, according to 2016 analysis.

The sports eco-system is evolving and HypSports believes that the key to
attracting digitally engaged fans is making them feel like they are part
of the action, and not just watching from the sidelines. By combining
the proven retention mechanics of hit mobile games, the evergreen appeal
of professional sports and esports, and the naturally competitive nature
of sports fans, the HypSports platform turns spectators into competitors
and delivers year-round excitement to every fan.

HypSports is available to download today for free on the iPhone+and+iPad&index=1&md5=4803672c15704aa89b8685f1b3c76046″ rel=”nofollow”>App
Store for iPhone and iPad, Android+devices&index=2&md5=f15dd881cb0d8d2a2c9b10efcc5fdaad” rel=”nofollow”>Google
Play for Android devices, and on Facebook.

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About HypSports: Led by a team
with decades of experience developing hit games, HypSports bridges the
generation gap between sports and esports by providing a social fantasy
sports platform that delivers season-long games based on popular sports
and esports leagues. HypSports’ unique combination of sports content
creates a next generation engagement eco-system for fans, teams,
leagues, and sponsors.


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