UNITE HERE Local 5 Website Alerts Vistana Timeshare Buyers to Downsides

HONOLULU–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The hotel workers’ union UNITE HERE Local 5 has launched a website, VistanaDisclosed.org,
to help consumers considering purchasing timeshares from Vistana
Signature Experiences.

highlights a list of key questions consumers are encouraged to ask
before buying a timeshare. “People who are sitting through a sales
presentation for the first time may not know what to ask. We do not want
them to buy Vistana timeshares before they find out what they’re really
buying or the ongoing costs involved,” said UNITE HERE Local 5
researcher Ben Sadoski.

Some of the questions to ask in buying timeshare include:

  • What annual fees will I have to pay on top of the cost of the
  • How much will it cost me to finance my timeshare? How does that
    compare to home equity or other sources of financing?
  • If they are selling points instead of weeks (or in addition to weeks)
    who decides how many points I get? Could that number ever change in
    the future?
  • Is everything I was told verbally written into the contract?

The site also provides information about how to cancel a recent
timeshare purchase. For those who find themselves regretting a decision
they made during a Vistana sales presentation, UNITE HERE Local 5
informs them that almost every U.S. state gives buyers the right to
cancel within a few days.

suggests that consumers consider buying timeshares resale instead of
directly from the developer, noting that some Vistana timeshares in
Orlando are being listed for $10 or less on the resale market.

Website visitors at VistanaDisclosed.org
are being encouraged to submit stories of their personal experiences
with Vistana. UNITE HERE Local 5 hopes to share these stories so that
other potential customers know what to expect during the sales process
and afterwards.

About UNITE HERE Local 5: UNITE HERE Local
5 is the Hawaii-based branch of the UNITE HERE union, which represents
over 270,000 members, with a tradition of consumer advocacy. It is not
affiliated with Vistana Signature Experiences or its parent company, ILG.


Ben Sadoski, 808-941-2141 x238