Underground Elephant Supports Tech, Marketing Career Advancement and Education

  • CEO, Jason Kulpa provides insight on tech careers to local students

, an award-winning digital marketing technology company
located in downtown San Diego, has continued its efforts to support
undergraduate and next-generation students in the local community by
hosting tours and educational sessions for young people.

Underground Elephant employees worked with students to emphasize career
advancement and professional development in technology and marketing.
Students from San Diego State University also participated in one-on-one
meetings with executives, and had the opportunity to learn more about
careers in marketing and technology.

“San Diego has a vibrant business and technology community and we want
to do all that we can to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs,
executives and employees to keep their talent here,” said Jason Kulpa,
CEO of Underground Elephant. “We’re proud to share more of what we do
and who we are with local students.”

In his pursuit to support the education of the next generation of
students, Kulpa feels it is important to foster and support
professionals at all levels. Underground Elephant also participated in
the Learn Academy Tech Crawl, which allows adult students first entering
the coding field or switching career paths to glean insights from
successful professionals. Students ranging from 25-40 years of age were
afforded the opportunity to tour the company’s office and also
participate in Q&A sessions with Underground Elephant developers.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard to build the company and culture that we
continue to foster at Underground Elephant,” said Kulpa. “A large part
of UE’s foundation has been shaped by hiring college grads, so being
able to share all that we’ve accomplished and encourage local students
to join the community that we’re a part of here in San Diego, is one of
the best ways we can give back and stay involved.”

About Underground Elephant

Founded by CEO Jason Kulpa in 2008, Underground Elephant is an
award-winning marketing technology company that develops programmatic
advertising platforms in order to bring transparency and efficiency to
the buying and selling of structured lead generation. The company’s
robust portfolio of enterprise-grade tech solutions enhances the
connection between enterprises and their prospective clients by
delivering highly efficient pathways to organic sales conversations.
Learn more at http://undergroundelephant.com/


Philippa Ushio