Ultra-fast Charging, Safer Zap&Go Carbon-IonTM Solution to Debut at CES 2017

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Zap&Go Carbon-IonTM cell, an ultra-fast charging,
non-flammable, near-term alternative to lithium-ion batteries developed
by ZapGo Ltd, will make its debut at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show
(CES 2017) in Las Vegas on January 5-8, 2017 at Booth #40143. This is
the first technology with the potential to combine the fast-charging
characteristics of a supercapacitor with the performance of a
lithium-ion battery. With this platform technology, ZapGo Ltd is aiming
to revolutionize the charge time and battery life for a range of
innovative consumer electronic products, and will be in commercialized
products such as cordless power tools, robot cleaners and electric bikes
during late 2017.

On display at the booth will be a range of functioning products where
the recharge time has been reduced from hours to sub-five minutes. These
include a Razor E300-scooter, a Nyko Zap&Go Carbon-Ion powered bicycle
energy pack and a Nyko Bluetooth five-minute charging speaker, an
18-volt power drill and a cordless cleaner.

“We believe our technology represents a transformative next step beyond
the current standard which uses lithium-ion as its power source,” said
Stephen Voller, CEO of ZapGo Ltd. “Our Carbon-Ion cells are made of
non-flammable nano-carbons and ionic electrolytes. They are superb
conductors, very safe and recyclable.”

Charles Resnick, President of US Operations at ZapGo Inc., added, “As
consumer products evolve rapidly to be faster, lighter and demand
greater and greater power requirements, consumers will no longer be
required to spend hours to have their battery recharged, only minutes.
Consumers are longing for a power source that can not only dramatically
reduce charging time but do it safely as well.”

In addition, ZapGo Ltd was recently voted one of the 100 most promising
European and Global technology companies of 2016 by online publishers
Red Herring. Red Herring’s Global 100 Awards are given to the top 100
technology companies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas based on their
technological innovation, management strength, market size, investor
record, customer acquisition and financial health. ZapGo Ltd was the
only European energy storage company to make the Red Herring lists.

About ZapGo Ltd

ZapGo Ltd is a technology company based at the Harwell Research Campus,
Oxford with a Charlotte, NC US Office. Using novel nano-carbon materials
as well as proprietary electrolytes they produce an ultra-fast, safe,
recyclable charging power module that charges up in less than five
minutes. For more information, please visit www.zapgo.com.

About CES 2017

For 50 years, CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and
technology that has changed the world. Held in Las Vegas every year, it
is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of
consumer technologies and where next-generation innovations are
introduced to the marketplace.

About the Red Herring Top 100 Awards

Since 1996, technology industry executives, investors and strategists
have valued the Red Herring 100 lists as an instrument for discovering
and advocating the most promising private ventures from around the
world. The Red Herring Top 100 Awards highlight the most exciting
startups from Asia, Europe and the Americas. Hundreds of companies from
each region are reviewed in a rigorous three-step process that looks at
all aspects of the company.


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