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Three New Studies Demonstrate Why Couples Trying to Conceive Choose to Use Affordable At-Home Infertility Therapy, The Conception Kit by Conceivex

The FDA Cleared Kit Is An Effective ‘First Step’ When Access To
And Cost Of Fertility Treatments Are Hurdles

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Conceivex–Conceivex, maker of The
Conception Kit® at-home system
to treat infertility, today noted
three recent studies that speak to reasons why this at-home, affordable
treatment is attractive to couples who are trying to conceive and to
companies that want to provide infertility benefits to their employees.

  • A recent study published in Fertility
    & Sterility
     by a team from the University
    of Michigan
    and the University
    of Pittsburgh
    found that nearly 40 percent of reproductive-aged
    women in the United States – approximately 25 million – have limited
    or no nearby access to assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinics,
    which provide services that are vital to many women aiming to become
  • FertilityIQ
    reports that according to its data, fully-loaded, per treatment cycle
    costs of IVF are now $23,050, or nearly double the $12,400 that has
    been historically reported.
  • Women who pursue in vitro fertilization (IVF) to become pregnant are
    more likely to give birth if they have health insurance that covers
    the procedure, according to new research at Washington
    University School of Medicine in St. Louis
    . “The key reason is
    financial rather than medical: For many people, the high cost for one
    IVF procedure prohibits women from seeking a second treatment if the
    first attempt fails,” the study, which was published in The
    Journal of the American Medical Association
    , found.

“A couple’s journey to conceiving a child isn’t always a straight path,”
Conceivex Founder and President Michael
La Vean
, said, “and helping couples get pregnant is a tremendous
reward for us. With more than 20 million women affected by infertility
today, and men equally in need of help, we created the
Conception Kit
to aid this natural process – and do so affordably,
without the need for hormones or drugs, and for use privately at home.”

The FDA required clinical trials on placement of the
Conception Kit’s
Conception Cap (a cervical cap that is used for
insemination at home) and instructions by patients. During the trials,
24 percent of the patients – all of whom had failed to conceive using
advanced reproductive therapies, including IVF and intra-uterine
injection (IUI) – got pregnant during the first 30 days.

Drug-and hormone-free, and available by prescription only, the
Conception Kit
is available to couples via their existing insurance
coverage for a modest $5-$75 co-pay.

“Given the expense of, and difficulty in obtaining, IVF, the
Conception Kit
offers couples a new ‘first step’ option to start, or
grow, their family,” La Vean said.

Conception Kit
provides three months of supplies (including 24
ovulation predictors, three pregnancy tests, along with three Conception
Caps, and a number of additional aides) – that, in many cases, would
cost more over-the-counter than the total amount of the co-pay. Even
without a co-pay, the Conception Kit is available for $399.

Conceivex, Inc.

Conceivex, Inc., manufactures and distributes The
Conception Kit® at-home system
, a safe, effective, FDA cleared,
drug- and hormone-free, affordably priced health care product that helps
couples overcome infertility privately at home. The Conception Kit is
available with a prescription via pharmacy benefit managers Express
Scripts, CVS/Caremark, and ProCare RX; individual, small, and large
insurers; and at pharmacies, including Walgreens, nationwide. Find out
more at http://www.conceptionkit.com/,
on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/conceptionkit/,
on LinkedIn,
and on Twitter (@conceptionkit).

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