The Art of Shaving Launches New Fragrance Collection

The Collection of Five New Fragrances Pays Homage to Barbering
Traditions and Essential Oils

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Art of Shaving has released a new fragrance collection to celebrate
the brand’s 20th Anniversary. Barbering experts partnered with world
class perfumers to craft a range of distinct scents that are at once
modern, yet nostalgic. Inspired by the grand heritage of Barbering and
the final touch of every time-honored barber chair shave – the finishing
spritz of a scented tonic, the collection brings home the perfect finish
to the perfect shave and any grooming ritual.

As all of the brand’s products have been for the past 20 year, these
five fragrances were created using the finest natural essential oils,
sourced and meticulously blended using the highest quality techniques.
Each scent was carefully assembled to harmoniously link every note for a
full and expressive accord.

“Essential oil aromas are a critical part of elevating the grooming
experience from an act to a cherished ritual. Our new cologne collection
is the ultimate expression of these aromas and the perfect finishing
touch for The Art of Shaving man”, says Todd Brisky, The Art of Shaving
CEO. “Each fragrance in the collection has been designed with craft and
care to have a distinct personality. I don’t expect you to ‘like’ all
five, but I’m sure there will be one or two you ‘love’ and that is how
you should feel about your fragrance.”

The collection consists of five fragrances:

SANDALWOOD & CYPRESS – A classic and sophisticated aroma with
a nostalgic undertone. This handcrafted fragrance combines masculine,
woody Sandalwood with aromatic, bright Cypress to develop a signature
fragrance wearable from day to night.

OUD SUEDE – A traditional, intense fragrance derived from rare
Middle Eastern Oud wood. The rich, dark aromatic resin is distilled over
time to develop its unique, fragrant quality unmatched in nature.
Balanced with earthy Cypriol, the combination of these two natural
elements creates a deep woody, amber sensuality with skin-like warmth.

VETIVER CITRON – A luminous citrus with bittersweet undertones.
Earthy Vetiver is lifted by the fresh simplicity of cold pressed
Grapefruit. Finished with a subtly, spicy heart note, this refined
fragrance complements any grooming routine.

GREEN LAVENDER – An herbaceous floral for the modern gentleman,
carefully crafted to effortlessly blend aromatic, tranquil lavender with
the fresh, green notes of rosemary and peppermint.

CORIANDER & CARDAMOM – A nod to Middle Eastern aromatic
barber traditions. A fresh twist on a traditionally warm and spicy
scent. Inspired by fresh tonics from ancient spices, Coriander and
Cardamom are subtly balanced with basil, lavender, sage and
blackcurrant. The result – a crisp green with spicy wood and pepper

Each 100ml fragrance is sold individually for $100 ($125 for “Oud
Suede”). Each 30ml fragrance is sold individually for $60 ($75 for “Oud
Suede”). Sold at The Art of Shaving stores and on


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Malinda Torres