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Thayer Leader Development Group Releases Video to Support Veterans in Corporate America

WEST POINT, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#battlefieldtoboardroom–The Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point (TLDG) released a 13-minute
that helps companies learn how to support veterans and their
families, beyond hiring policies. As a company founded by veterans and
teaching the principles of military leadership to corporate America,
TLDG consistently sees a high demand from corporate executives seeking
information about how to support our military and veterans. This
includes helping transition from a military to civilian career, as well
as honoring and supporting the military, veterans and their family
through philanthropic efforts and discount programs, as a few examples.
TLDG released the video to commemorate the 242nd anniversary
of the start of the American Revolutionary War, on April 19, 1775, with
the “shot heard round the world;” the day America’s military first
started fighting for our liberty.

This video distills the best practices shared by Fortune 500 executives
at the Veterans Support Symposium hosted by TLDG and Nasdaq in November
2016. It recommends both simple and creative ideas for how corporations,
large and small, can offer support by creating their own set of veterans
initiatives, based on 13
categories of support

One of the executives at the Symposium, Roland Smith, CEO of Office
Depot, said, “As we went through those 13 categories, we defined seven
that we thought we could do well and would be meaningful both to our
organization, veterans in our organization, and veterans that we wanted
to assimilate into our organization. We put resources against them so
that we can start to execute them in 2017, and then we’ll review these
each year. Hopefully, as you look 3 to 5 years into the future, we’ll be
a company that does a much better job of supporting our veterans.”

The video includes best practices, shared by a variety of companies,
including Office Depot, Virtu Financial, Wyndham Worldwide, Citi, IAP,
and Ironsword.

“In our experience, the greatest companies in the country honor veterans
and the military. They also teach military leadership principles to
their corporate executives,” said Dan Rice, President of TLDG. “We hope
this video will jumpstart every CEO in the United States to adopt the
‘CEO Challenge’. This is a simple challenge to create and share their
own Veterans’ Initiatives on their corporate websites. By this simple
act, the needle can be moved dramatically on supporting veterans in
corporate America.”

This video is released on the heels of numerous initiatives by TLDG over
the past two years to garner attention for veterans support, including
announcing the CEO Challenge on Fox & Friends. TLDG has
partnered with the Association for Talent Development (ATD) to publish a special
sent to 40,000 HR professionals, highlighting best
practices from 16 organizations that are trailblazers in recruiting,
developing, and supporting veterans and active duty military. TLDG also
hosted the Opening and Closing Bells at Nasdaq on Veteran’s Day, with
companies raising their hands to pledge to hire more veterans.

About TLDG

TLDG is a premier executive leader development program, based at West
Point, NY, on the grounds of the United States Military Academy. Founded
in 2010 by U.S. Army veterans, TLDG has trained more than 31,500
executives and front-line leaders from over 500 companies across a
variety of industries including automotive, financial services, medical,
pharmaceutical, professional sports franchises, and more with
customized, open enrollment, and online learning programs. Its mission
is to help build leaders of character by offering leadership and ethics
education grounded in the U.S. Army leadership philosophy of “Be, Know,
Do” and the U.S. Military Academy values of “Duty, Honor, Country”.
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