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Takeda: CSR Programs Focusing on Maternal and Child Health

-Evolving Around the Priority Theme of Preventive Activities
Contributing to the Health of People in Developing/Emerging Countries-

OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TOKYO:4502)
today announced that the company will implement three CSR programs
focusing on solutions to maternal and child healthcare problems in
Africa and Asia. These programs are implemented to addressing critical
issues in maternal and child health in medium- to long-term
perspectives, in partnership with international NGOs with a proven track
record: World Vision Japan, Save the Children Japan, and Plan
International Japan.

Starting from fiscal year 2016, Takeda has been focusing on prevention
for health in developing and emerging countries, as a priority theme in
its CSR activities. The contents of these programs are in line with our
priority theme and will also contribute to helping achieve “Goal 3:
Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages”
of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)* adopted by the United
Nations General Assembly in 2015.

• Project Outline and Implementing Organizations

    Partner   Program outline   Area   Period   Budget

World Vision

Community Health Worker
Training for Maternal and

India, Bangladesh,
Nepal, Afghanistan

5 years

¥500 million


Save the
Children Japan

Maternal and Newborn Health
for Ethnic Minorities

Myanmar, Vietnam,

5 years

¥250 million



  Digital Birth Registration   Kenya   3 years  

¥100 million


As a pharmaceutical company committed to improving people’s lives,
Takeda strives better health for people worldwide through leading
innovation in medicine. At the same time, the company will continue to
contribute to society by supporting patients and their families who
cannot be sufficiently supported by the provision of pharmaceutical
products alone.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): International goals for
sustainable development included in the “2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development” adopted by the United Nations in
September 2015. SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets.


Overview of the Programs by Partner




World Vision Japan: Community Health Worker Training for
Maternal and Child Health

• Overview

  : In Southern Asia which has a high infant mortality rate compared
with other regions, this program will build the capacity of 1,400
community health workers to reduce preventative death among mothers
and children by providing some 500,000 people with knowledge and
services related to healthcare over five years.

• Regions

: India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan

• Period

: 5 years

• Budget

: Approx. ¥500 million


Save the Children Japan: Maternal and Newborn Health for Ethnic

• Overview

: This program aims to improve the access and quality of health care
for minority populations in Asia. Working in close collaboration
with the relevant health authorities, the program will provide
health education, training, and services over five years, to 150,000
local residents which include 40,000 ethnic minority women and
children, and health care providers

• Regions

: Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos

• Period

: 5 years

• Budget

: Approx. ¥250 million


Plan International Japan: Digital Birth Registration

• Overview

: Takeda supports efforts to introduce digital birth registration in
rural areas in Kenya, where registration rates are low. The program
will help to protect children’s basic human rights and will
contribute to improving healthcare access by providing a system that
enables them to receive healthcare services such as immunizations

• Region

: Kenya

• Period

: 3 years

• Budget

: Approx. ¥100 million

About World Vision
Inspired by our Christian values, we are
dedicated to working with the world’s most vulnerable people, especially
with children, World Vision Japan is one of the support offices of World
Vision who works in about 100 countries and is registered with UN ECOSOC.

About Save the Children Japan
Save the Children is an
independent international organization and is a pioneer with one hundred
years of history in the field of child rights. Today, Save the Children
provides support in approximately 120 countries, in partnership with
independent member organizations in 29 countries including Japan to
deliver lasting results for children. Save the Children Japan was
established in 1986.

About Plan International Japan
Plan International is an
independent child rights and humanitarian organization committed to
children living a life free of poverty, violence and injustice. Plan
places a specific focus on girls and women, who are most often left
behind. When disasters or conflict threatens children’s lives and
well-being, Plan is quick to respond. Together, we are transforming

About Takeda CSR Activities
For Takeda, CSR is rooted in
putting the patient in the center and operating a pharmaceutical
business that creates outstanding products. In addition, we strive to
maintain and improve sound business processes, and to engage in
activities to promote a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen.
In doing so, we are implementing a model of value creation and
preservation through CSR. This will help us to build trust with society,
reinforce our reputation, and further develop the pharmaceutical
business. For more information, visit


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