Viernes 24 de Mayo 2019

Survey: Tech Professionals Cite Privacy and Security as Biggest Concerns About the Business Use of Drones

As drones reshape enterprise, new guidance helps prepare
organizations for their use

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Drones–From package delivery to props in major sporting events, drones continue
to play major roles in everyday life. But are enterprises prepared for
“The Rise of the Drones” in their operations? That’s the focus of a new
white paper and global survey available now from global technology
association ISACA.

Rise of the Drones
” outlines some of the potential uses of drone
technology in a commercial environment, including business implications
and risk considerations, as well as critical questions an enterprise
must consider prior to implementing a drone program:

  • What factors must management consider prior to signing off on the
    acquisition and implementation of a corporate drone program?
  • What questions must be asked and answers obtained to enable management
    to assess the far-ranging risks associated with the use of drones as a
    strategic business tool?
  • What policies and procedures must be in place before the organization
    deploys its first corporate drone?

This white paper addresses these questions and more, with the intent of
preparing management for the inevitable. If an organization wishes to
remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, it will eventually
look to drones (and their related technologies) as a competitive tool
and embrace all that drone technologies have to offer.

Along with the paper, ISACA polled its global membership to gauge the
use of and planning for drones in their respective organizations. Among
the findings of that survey:

  • 75 percent say security or privacy are their biggest concern about the
    business use of drones.
  • 65 percent say most organizations that would benefit from the use of
    drones are unprepared to address the necessary security and privacy
  • 63 percent do not believe their existing staff has sufficient
    expertise to evaluate the security of drones.
  • Just 25 percent believe the benefits of drones outweigh the security
    and privacy risks—but an additional 48 percent say the benefits will
    outweigh the risks in the future, when those concerns are addressed
    more thoroughly.

“Rushing to implement drone technology without first being properly
prepared can result in both a legal and financial disaster. An
uncontrolled drone program can also cause significant damage to the
organization’s reputation,” said Albert Marcella, Ph.D., CISA, CISM,
author of the ISACA paper. “However, with the right controls, policies
and procedures in place, a drone program can offer significant technical
and competitive advantage.”

The white paper and a related checklist for organizations can be
downloaded free of charge at


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