Study Finds 85.6% of Americans Believe Their Love Will Last Forever

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Emotion–You can’t quantify love, but since survey data is MFour’s business, we
decided to try. We surveyed 400 men and 400 women, ages 18 to 70, who
are currently in a relationship.

The key takeaway is that Americans believe overwhelmingly that romance
will last – despite academic research predicting 40% of new marriages
will fail.

  • Asked if they’d be with their partner forever, 60.6% chose “Yes,
    absolutely” and 25% picked “Yes, most likely” – a combined optimism
    rate of 85.6%. Only 3.9% picked “no,” with 10.5% “not sure.”
  • Optimism was especially strong among married respondents (93.1%), but
    still prevalent for others (78%).
  • Romantic optimism cut across categories: men (84.8%), women (85.6%),
    heterosexuals (86.1%), gays/lesbians (81.3%), bisexuals (85.2%),
    whites (89%), African Americans (81.4%), Hispanics (78.8%) and Asian
    Americans (80%).
  • It prevailed for both the young (83.8% of those 18-34) and the
    middle-aged (88.1% for 35-70).

In other findings:

  • Asked who typically wins when couples argue, 64% said that they and
    their partner come out “about even.”
  • In the 36% of relationships where arguments don’t come out evenly,
    women usually win: women (23.3%) were more than twice as likely as men
    (10.9%) to say they typically win disputes.
  • 62.9% of respondents in male-female relationships said they would be
    “very comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” if their partner had a
    “very attractive” friend of the opposite sex.
  • Women reported more uneasiness than men – 42.7% said they’d be
    uncomfortable, compared to 31.6% of men.

Do these results make love any less mysterious? Probably not. Will the
data add some interesting grist to the never-ending conversation about
love? We certainly hope it will.

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