STEMCELL Technologies Signs Exclusive License Agreement with Cincinnati Children’s for Stem Cell-Derived Organoid Technology

Technologies Inc.
has signed an exclusive license agreement with Cincinnati
Children’s Hospital Medical Center
to commercialize its fundamental
technology for generating gastrointestinal organoids from pluripotent
stem cells (PSCs). This agreement grants STEMCELL a license to novel
methods for generating organoid models and to develop cell culture media
and tools that would enable scientists to create organoids from PSCs in
their own laboratories.

Organoids are three-dimensional structures, or small clusters of cells
representing ‘mini-organs’, which are grown in a dish. Organoids more
closely mimic the complex structure and physiology of whole organs than
standard two-dimensional cell culture models. Generating organoids from
PSCs allows for an inexhaustible source of tissue, and opens this field
to researchers who may not have access to primary tissues from patient
biopsies or other sources.

The technology licensed from Cincinnati Children’s describes methods for
generating gastrointestinal organoids, including intestinal and stomach,
from human PSCs. These discoveries were developed in the laboratory of Dr.
James Wells
, Director
of the Pluripotent Stem Cell Center
at Cincinnati Children’s, and
are further described in a series of Nature publications (J.R.
Spence et al. 2011
and K.W.
McCracken et al. 2014

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Wells said, “There is a tremendous
opportunity to use these new organoid models for advancing studies in
human development, as well as for applying them in many powerful
applications such as disease modeling, drug screening, and for
developing therapeutics. I am pleased to partner with STEMCELL given
their outstanding reputation for bringing quality research tools to the

STEMCELL has previously announced key partnerships with pioneering
leaders in the organoid research field. Recently, the company signed an
exclusive license with the
Hubrecht Organoid Technology Foundation (The HUB)
for patented
tissue-derived organoid technology generated from the laboratory of Dr.
Hans Clevers. Additionally, STEMCELL has exclusively partnered with the Institute
of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

to develop cerebral organoids, or ‘mini-brains’, as described by Drs.
Jürgen Knoblich and Madeline Lancaster.

Dr. Allen Eaves, President and CEO of STEMCELL, commented that “This
license with Cincinnati Children’s will enable STEMCELL Technologies to
further expand upon our growing portfolio of products supporting
organoid studies, including the recently released IntestiCult™
Organoid Growth Medium
. STEMCELL Technologies is pleased to be the
leading organoid company. We are developing world-class organoid
expertise, which we will leverage to deliver important, cutting edge
research tools to the scientific community.”

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