SplashLink, Water’s Online Platform, Playing Critical Role in Hurricane Harvey Response and Recovery

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#harvey–Early last week, SplashLink began mobilizing its network to assist in
the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. SplashLink had been contacted by
Richard Seline, Executive Director of AccelerateH2O, about leveraging
the platform to facilitate response and recovery efforts. “Given the
scope of the disaster, I recognized that we were about to be
overwhelmed,” said Seline. “Having partnered with SplashLink for a
couple of years, I knew that they had the tools and resources to help
our businesses & communities regardless of how massive the requests for
assistance would be.”

SplashLink was quick to jump into action by offering free access to
anyone with a need related to the crisis or a potential solution that
could be utilized. “Our platform was built to make connections and
accelerate the deployment of equipment and services to a broad spectrum
of water-related problems,” commented Ebie Holst, CEO of SplashLink.
“Responding to the request of our friends in Texas was a no-brainer. We
are thrilled to be able to lend a hand at such a critical time.”

AccelerateH2O and SplashLink spread the word to other industry networks,
including water clusters around the country, industry associations like
the Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association, and
publishers such as Water Online. “Our international network of partners
and our online community enable us to effortlessly mobilize a wide range
of solutions providers to funnel appropriate support to those impacted
by the storm,” added Jason Wuliger, SplashLink Vice President. “We are
proud to serve as an online hub for effective response.”

“SplashLink stepped up,” said Seline. “I’m not sure how we would have
done this without them, but I know it would not have been nearly as
efficient. Texas will recover from this, and we are grateful to have
friends like SplashLink.”

If you are an affected business or community dealing with the aftermath
of the storm, or a solution provider who can offer support, you can gain
free emergency access to SplashLink by navigating to SplashLink.com
and clicking on the appropriate link in the red banner at the top of the
homepage. You can also reach out directly by calling 844-877-5274.

About SplashLink

SplashLink (www.splashlink.com)
is the first online marketplace to support an entire range of project,
financing, and sourcing needs for the highly fragmented and increasingly
stressed global water industry.
Whether dealing with industrial
process water, municipal infrastructure or drought adaptation,
SplashLink enables water-solution buyers and sellers quick and easy
“one-stop shop” access to funding, collaboration, and bidding
opportunities. SplashLink accelerates response to local and global water
challenges by connecting industry players and opportunities with this
innovative platform like never before.

About AccelerateH2O

AccelerateH2O (http://www.accelerateh2o.org/)
serves urban and rural, residential, industrial, agricultural, and
public water utility interests by providing innovation connection and
support for Texas’ $9 billion water technology market. The organization
discovers, invests in, and promotes new and existing technologies that
have the potential to fill Texas demands and needs by addressing
critical water issues, barriers, and limitations.
AccelerateH2O is playing a key role in providing support for Texas’
Hurricane Harvey response by organizing assets, expertise, knowledge,
and resources to more efficiently and effectively respond to Texas’
current crisis.


Jason Wuliger, 440-497-0047
Seline, 800-708-0478