Spanish Language Website Debuts for California’s Mobilehome Fee and Tax Waiver Program

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobilehome, casa movil, casa rodante or traila. Regardless of how you
say “mobilehome,” a new state program that has already helped nearly
1,000 mobilehome owners in California, is now making it easier for
Spanish-speaking homeowners.

Mobilehome owners across the state are saving hundreds or even thousands
of dollars in state fees, penalties, and local taxes through
California’s Fee and Tax Waiver Program, developed by the California
Department of Housing and Community Development. The program helps
people who purchased a mobilehome or manufactured home but never
received the necessary title or registration. The program waives many
state and local taxes, fees, and penalties.

Because many mobilehome and manufactured homeowners are Spanish-only or
Spanish-preferred speakers, HCD has launched a new Spanish-language
option on its Fee and Tax Waiver Program website,
HCD also has Spanish-speaking customer service representatives available
to assist mobilehome owners.

“California is a very diverse state, and we are focused on making sure
this particular program is accessible for all owners who could benefit.
We want to make sure our Spanish-speaking customers have no language
barriers when taking advantage of this opportunity to protect their
homes,” said HCD Director Ben Metcalf.

Mobilehome-living can be a great, affordable option for individuals and
families, but as many as one of every three — or about 160,000
mobilehomes — do not have the proper title and registration, either
because homeowners did not know they needed them, or tried to register
but discovered liens from back due fees and taxes, often incurred by
previous owners. For owners who face liens on their homes, this is a
critical issue that can prevent them from legally selling their homes or
transferring them to loved ones.

The Fee and Tax Waiver Program, passed as Assembly Bill 587 and signed
by Governor Edmund G. Brown in 2016, went into effect in 2017.

Mobilehome and manufactured home owners who have never applied for
registration and do not have title are eligible for the program. There
are many reasons for mobilehome owners to receive proper registration
and title. Without registration and title, in addition to liens
preventing them from selling or transferring their mobilehomes, owners
may also be unable to collect funds from fire or flood insurance claims,
obtain building permits for major improvements, or access energy
efficiency loans from utility providers.

HCD is committed to helping all mobilehome owners apply for the Fee and
Tax Waiver Program, regardless of the language they speak. In addition
to Spanish and English, the website offers
the Google Translate tool, which allows users to view the information in
100 other languages, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

For more information, go to
or call (800) 952-8356. Phone assistance is also available in all


California Department of Housing and Community Development
Stanford, 916-263-7400