Sol La La Women’s UPF Fashion Line Awarded Fair & Fashionable Best Sun Protection Seal

& Fashionable
is kicking off May Skin Cancer Awareness Month by
awarding its “Best Sun Protection” seal to Sol
La La
, a women’s sun-safe fashion brand.

Fair & Fashionable’s goal is to show that real style means celebrating
natural skin tones. The organization’s seal recognizes products that
offer effective and fashionable sun protection.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology:

  • On average, one person dies of melanoma every hour
  • Nearly 9,500 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each day
  • One-in-five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime

Drs. Molly Menser and Brian Matthys started Fair & Fashionable out of
concern for the increase in skin cancer cases among their female
patients. Fair & Fashionable uses fashion as a way to encourage daily
sun protection and tanning avoidance.

Sol La La offers chic and sunsmart apparel for women seeking sun
protection without compromising style. The fashion line and exclusive
UPF fabric, SansolTM, are made-in-America from eco-friendly
cotton and beechwood fibers resulting in ultra soft, lightweight and
breathable fabric that blocks 97% of harmful UV rays.

“Sol La La is thrilled to receive the Fair & Fashionable ‘Best Sun
Protection’ seal to kick off Skin Cancer Awareness Month,” said Abby
Auerbach, creator and CEO, Sol La La. “We’re committed to women’s
fashion sense while protecting them from harmful UV rays. Sol
La La styles
add sun protection to Sol Sisters’ favorite outfits
without having to reapply. Like sunglasses, simply slip on a Sol La La
accessory and ‘step into the sun.’ We support Fair & Fashionable’s
mission wholeheartedly!”

“Sol La La meets our strict scientific requirements to protect from UVA
and UVB rays – during May Skin Cancer Awareness Month and every day,”
said Dr. Molly Menser, president and co-founder, Fair & Fashionable.
“The styles have broad spectrum protection, they’re stylish and
comfortable to wear. We applaud Abby’s team for their contributions to
the prevention of skin cancer and are delighted to award Sol La La the
Fair & Fashionable ‘Best Sun Protection’ seal.”


Sol La La
Abby Auerbach
& Fashionable

Dr. Molly Menser