Jueves 18 de de Julio 2019

Reason Launches World’s First Experiential Platform for Emerging Technologies

Reason, a startup that promotes adoption of exciting technological
advances, is launching a new platform to gamify discovery in a
team-based sci-fi adventure

the startup that builds physical sci-fi adventure for teams to
experience difficult-to-access technologies – drones, holograms, Virtual
Reality, robotics, 3D printing and more – is announcing its official
launch. The company gives people access to experimental gear they would
do not normally experience, providing inspiration and broadening

Reason works like a game, one which sees players enjoy all the offerings
of its Future Technology Escape Room. Aimed at everyone from HR leaders
conducting team building days to the simply curious, throughout the
experience, Reason puts various gadgets in the hands of players, which
they have to utilize to become successful in their sci-fi mission.

“We’re the Buffalo Bill of emerging tech,” says co-founder and CEO Mike
, citing the legendary character who took the Wild West
experience across the United States. “Reason’s mission is to humanize
our relationship with technology and each other. We are accelerating the
diffusion of emerging technology by creating exciting and entertaining
‘first contact’ experiences.”

New tech products are often unproven, hard to discover, and filled with
hype/duds. Reason reduces the barrier to access and also eliminates the
time and cost of experimentation for consumers. The result is a
streamlined, gamified discovery experience that anyone can enjoy.

While available for audiences from all backgrounds, Reason is well
suited to business team-building exercises and corporate offsites.
Reason fills a gap in the corporate innovation and training market – which
is worth more than $70 billion
– by providing team building
activities that focus on collaboration based problem solving and shared
development of new skills. Players walk away with a sense of
appreciation for new technology and inspirations about how they might be
relevant to everyday life-to-work scenarios.

Reason also caters to a new trend among Millennials – also known as
generation Y – who favor experiences over things. According
to Eventbrite
, 78 percent of Millennials say they would prefer to
spend money on an experience than an item, with 55 percent saying they
are enjoying more live experiences than ever before. As a rule, adoption
of emerging technologies is slow, so Reason wants to take this
opportunity to help consumer reality check things they see online, and
dial in the perfect amount of excitement for what the future holds
around the corner.

“We have the unique privilege of hosting some of the best teams in the
world and it’s our responsibility to make sure their experiences are
meaningful,” Chen continues, “We do this by feeding performance data
back into the game and staying ahead of the early adopter curve.
Currently our technology pipeline contains roughly 50,000 startups and
we curate and deploy the latest innovation into our experiences on a
bi-weekly basis.”


is a new startup in San Francisco that gamifies technology exploration
and strengthens teamwork. They build physical sci-fi experiences that
challenge players to apply emerging technologies in the context of a
real life adventure game. Reason was co-founded by Mike Chen and Crina
Bordas from Swell Ventures with Jeff Chen from Luxe heading up growth.


for Reason
Jim Glade, 1-646-480-0356