Domingo 21 de de Julio 2019 Helps Dog Lovers Responsibly Attain Puppy Love This Valentine’s Day

Trusted Source for Puppies Offers Best Practices for Procuring a Puppy

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#puppylove–The week leading up to Valentine’s Day is an especially popular time to
get a puppy, according to sales data from,
a trusted service that places healthy
into happy homes. Thus, in celebration of the holiday of
love and related increase in puppy additions, PuppySpot advises on the
importance of responsible
puppy sourcing
and to consider the following tips when getting a
puppy this Valentine’s Day.

1. Know your puppy’s origin. It’s valuable to know and understand
a puppy’s history including where the puppy was born and raised, details
on the puppy’s parents, current state of care, and more. When armed with
this information, an owner will be better equipped and prepared to take
care of a puppy based on individual needs.

2. Ask for a veterinary
health report
. Whether getting a puppy directly from a
breeder, at a shelter, through a rescue or by another retail source,
it’s important to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian and
get answers to crucial questions such as whether the puppy is up-to-date
on all vaccinations and whether the puppy has been thoroughly examined
and/or treated for any conditions.

3. Owners should choose a purebred
that is right for their lifestyle. While all
puppies are adorable and it’s easy to fall in love at first sight, it’s
important to do a reasoned, deliberate search and be honest with oneself
about what type of dog matches well with its potential forever home. For
example, a large dog that requires a lot of exercise may not be a great
fit for an owner who works long hours and lives in a small apartment
without a yard or a heavy-shedding dog may not be a good fit if any
family member has allergies.

4. Make sure the puppy has been properly socialized. Regardless
of where you get a puppy, it’s imperative that the breeder, shelter,
rescue or retailer have a consistent socialization program in place
where the puppy has regular interaction not only with other dogs or
puppies in its litter, but also people – both adults and children.

5. Read reviews on the source of your puppy. It is invaluable to
hear what other dog lovers’ experiences are with a potential puppy
. Reputable sources will make it easy to access authentic
reviews so you can gain insight from others who have worked with the
puppy source in the past. You should not have to take the source’s word
for how things work, and past customers are uniquely positioned to
provide you with detail into the process and help validate the source’s
legitimacy, as well as alleviate other potential concerns.

6. Be prepared for the responsibility. Bringing home a furry
friend is a serious commitment. Unless it’s for your kids, spouse or
partner, and you are prepared for the commitment, surprising someone you
love with a puppy is not recommended. A caring, responsible source that
truly cares about their puppies’ well-being will screen each
customer—with a focus on the recipient and the final living environment
of the puppy in the case of a gift– to make sure the potential owner
knows what it takes and is prepared to commit the next 10-15 years to
raising the dog.

“It’s a huge decision to add a furry member to the family, which is why
it’s critical to verify a puppy comes from a responsible, trusted
source,” says Greg Liberman, Chief Executive Officer at
“That’s why we do not just ask for trust, we earn it through
transparency and action by not only screening our breeders and
customers, but also soliciting feedback from every puppy
and using a third-party administered system to post each
and every review on our website so every prospective puppy owner knows
exactly who they are dealing with and what to expect.”

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