Provata Health Launches Groundbreaking Virtual Reality Guided Meditation App

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Meditation–Leading digital health company Provata
announced the launch of Provata VR, a virtual reality (VR)
guided meditation app available on the App
. The app signifies the Portland startup’s aim to pioneer a new
category of digital health: Virtual Reality Preventive Care.

With Provata VR, users escape to a variety of stunning locations around
the world, including tropical waterfalls, secluded beaches, dazzling
Northern Lights and even underwater coral reefs. Selecting from a
collection of guided meditation exercises, users train their mind to
positively impact their productivity and mood in immersive, idyllic

The app also introduces meditation biofeedback, a patent-pending system
that leverages advances in physiological monitoring to enhance the
meditation experience. Users can sync popular wearable devices, such as
Apple Watch, to visualize the effects of their meditation sessions on
their heart rate. Through smart feedback, Provata VR helps users better
understand which meditation exercises, locations, and times of day have
the greatest impact on their heart rate.

“Virtual Reality presents an opportunity to expand digital health to new
frontiers,” said Alex Goldberg, CEO of Provata Health. “The typical
guided meditation approach—an audio recording instructing you how to
meditate—hasn’t advanced much technologically in decades. Combining VR
with mindfulness meditation and biofeedback monitoring lets users
transport themselves to relaxing environments while seamlessly tracking
their progress, bringing new dimensions to the meditation experience.”

As mindfulness meditation grows in popularity, scientific research
reveals its benefits are widespread, including increased productivity,
lower stress, as well as improved focus, cognitive skills and memory.
The effects extend to physiological measures as studies indicate that
meditation can help to lower risk of strokes and heart attacks. Studies
suggest mindfulness meditation may even alleviate chronic pain by
activating brain regions associated with pain control.

Provata Health provides the first commercial digital health program
proven to improve both the physical and mental health of participants in
a peer-reviewed medical journal. “Given the mounting evidence of the
positive effects of meditation on our mental and physical health,
Provata VR truly embodies our emphasis on providing holistic digital
health solutions that address our total health,” Goldberg explained.

Currently the fastest-growing private tech and healthcare company in
Oregon, Provata Health partners with employers, health plans, and
hospital systems to provide evidence-based programs proven to improve
the health of employees and lower medical costs. Provata VR marks the
company’s first product available to both employers and consumers alike.

Anyone can download the app for free and upgrade to the premium version,
which will be available at no cost to employees participating in Provata
digital health programs through their employer or health plan.

Provata VR is now available on the App
! To learn more, visit


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