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President and Ivanka Trump Priority Recipients from Child Protector and FICO Savant David Howe

SubscriberWise founder, U.S. Credit Czar, and the nation’s most
engaged child guardian shares ‘editor’s cut’ interview with President
Trump and fellow child advocate Ivanka Trump before rest of world

NEW ORLEANS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ACA–SubscriberWise, the leading provider of analytics-driven subscriber risk
management technology and the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the
communications industry, announced today the 2017 NCTC Winter
Educational Conference ‘Big Data’ interview with ViodiTV’s
Ken Pyle recorded live at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel on February 21,
2017. The conversation focused on NCTC
members’ use of risk and decision analytics following a highly
informative conference that included a panel session directed toward
marketing efforts and Big Data.


“Yesterday afternoon I received the ‘editor’s cut’ video release from
Ken Pyle, Managing Editor of ViodiTV,” confirmed David
, SubscriberWise founder and national child protector. “I shared
the presentation with ACA Chair and MCTV
President Bob Gessner, along with SubscriberWise CFO and board member
David Hoffer, for their review and approval. Except for Ken Pyle, no
others had viewed the critically important content that focused, in
part, on child identity theft.

“Last night, after a final review of the content, I made the important
decision to Tweet President Trump and fellow child-advocate Ivanka. I
sent the Tweet to the President’s Twitter account as well as Ivanka’s
account separately,” Howe added. “Although I have received no response
from the President or Ms. Trump — and I also don’t have knowledge if
either viewed the interview — I nevertheless thought it paramount for
Mr. President and Ivanka to be first to view.

“With more than 200
child victims every day in the nation
, I’m hopeful we finally have
action instead of talk,” the U.S.
Credit Czar

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