PIQ Introduces Artificial Intelligence to Sport Wearables

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PIQ, a leading French start-up in sports wearables today unveiled a
breakthrough innovation with the introduction of a genuine Artificial
Intelligence interface dedicated to sports activities.
After 2 years
of R&D and €13m investments, PIQ’s 50 engineers developed a
revolutionary technology, protected by 10 international patents allowing
to identify athletes’ Winning Factors, highlighting the key strength
they should leverage on to succeed.

From a world where connected sports were limited to the capture of basic
data, PIQ’s two cutting edge innovations are opening new horizons to the
Sport Wearables industry:

  • GAIA an autonomous system which – for the very first time in
    the world – understands and analyzes sport movements,
  • PIQ ROBOTTM – the ultra-high performance

The combination of GAIA and PIQ ROBOTTM enables athletes to
identify their Winning Factors, highlighting the key strength
they should leverage on to succeed.

GAIA – GAIA is the first Artificial Intelligence system that
autonomously understands sports movement.

GAIA is capable of breaking down and analyze sports movements via
specific motion-capture algorithms. Over the 2 years of R&D, GAIA has
analyzed thousands of athletes and millions of movements growing its own
automatic learning curve further expanding its intelligence day after
day. This multi-algorithmic machine-learning intelligence is a result of
both fundamental and applied research introducing the capacity to
understand and analyze microscopic variations in sport movements.

GAIA is now embedded into PIQ ultra-high performance sensor PIQ ROBOTTM

PIQ ROBOTTM is far more than a sensor, it is a powerful
nano-computer capable of analyzing more than 195,000 data points per
minute in real time. All the existing clients of PIQ can benefit from
this revolution through a free upgrade of the current software embedded

Thanks to GAIA’s statistical intelligence and PIQ ROBOTTM’s
measurement capacity, millions of actions generated in every hour of
game can now be thoroughly analyzed. Every athlete can compare his past
performances on a specific day as well as measure them versus the
community’s overall performance.

PIQ aims to make this major technological innovation available to as
many people as possible.

Cédric Mangaud, CEO and co-founder, declared: “With GAIA and the
Winning Factors, sports wearables enter a new paradigm. Our technology
enables athletes, not only to measure their performance, but also to
benefit from personalized advice and get closer to victory. Our goal is
now to integrate this technology in sport devices to offer athletes a
fully integrated experience”

PIQ Sport Intelligence has become the exclusive technological partner
of global sport leaders including Babolat
in tennis, Mobitee
in golf, Rossignol for skiing and North Kiteboarding in

Acting as a true laboratory for technological innovation, PIQ Sport
Intelligence shares with these sport giants excellency and technological
innovation for the benefit of athletes.

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Romain Grière
Press Contacts: piq@image7.fr