Opal: The Naturally Non-Browning Apple

Non-GMO Opal Apples Already Available Nationwide

YAKIMA, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#naturallynonbrowning–An apple that doesn’t brown? They’ve been growing naturally since 2010
in Washington State! Non-GMO Project Verified Opal
are distinctive yellow apples with a sweet, tangy crunch and
a natural non-browning superpower. What’s more, they’re crisp,
delicious, and available right now in stores nationwide including Trader
Joe’s, Walmart and Whole Foods.

Opals naturally promote healthy lunch-packing habits for kids and
parents. But while most kids love apples, it can be tricky to get those
apples eaten. According to data collected via SurveyMonkey survey
conducted by Opal Apple, 46 percent of parents reported a whole apple
comes home with just a bite or two out of it—or completely uneaten. Kids
want their apples sliced — but most apples turn an unappetizing brown by
lunchtime. The surveyed parents were clear: almost 50 percent of them
told us their kids don’t like even slightly brown fruit.

Opal Apples to the rescue! The Opal Apple’s naturally occurring slow
oxidation rate means these Washington State-grown non-GMO apples don’t
brown after slicing. It’s an apple that meets all lunch-packing needs:
it’s sweet, crunchy and still Instagram-worthy hours after slicing.

Opals are a non-GMO cross between a Golden Delicious and a Topaz, and
are available in both conventional and organic varieties grown
exclusively in the United States by Broetje Orchards in Washington
State. Recognized as leaders in the apple industry for decades, their
family-owned and operated orchards grow apples, and cherries on more
than 8,500 acres – including the largest contiguous orchard in the
United States. More information on the crispy, sweet, non-GMO and
naturally non-browning Opal apple can be found at opalapples.com.


For Opal Apples:
Jennifer Weismann, 612-716-0556