Nitro Launches NitroScore, the First Student Loan Affordability Calculator

Advanced analytics drive personalized rankings of college and major
choices – all based on the likely ability to repay student loans after

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#studentloansNitroScore,
a powerful online and no-cost tool for determining the affordability of
student loans, launched today at
For the first time, students and their families can explore how picking
one college or major over another may impact their ability to repay
student loans.

Fueled by advanced analytics, proprietary data and individual consumer
preferences, NitroScore creates personalized rankings of college and
major choices – based on the predicted ability to repay student loans
after graduation. NitroScore is backed by real-world college cost data
and projected post-graduation salaries, allowing students and their
families to compare schools, financial aid offers, and majors to
identify their most affordable option.

In addition to proprietary data, NitroScore incorporates detailed
information on the costs of 4,138 U.S. colleges, summarized by the National
Center for Education Statistics
. These costs include published
tuition, room and board, books, supplies and other expenses of living on
campus. Salary data are compiled by PayScale
and include averages based on a survey of 1.4 million college graduates,
broken down across 336 majors at four-year colleges (bachelor’s
programs) and 140 two-year college majors (associate degrees).

“A college education should be an open door to success, yet many
students find themselves coming out of college unnecessarily saddled
with too much debt,” said Mike Brown, managing director of NitroScore.
“NitroScore is designed to answer the question, ‘how much can I afford
to borrow and not be unreasonably burdened by student debt?’ Students
often don’t understand how their choice of major can affect whether or
not they will be able to afford to pay their student loans after
graduation. NitroScore helps remove this ambiguity.”

NitroScore helps students look at the potential financial consequences
of their college selection. As an example, consider an in-state student
looking at West Virginia University, who gets $5,000 a year in
scholarship. The NitroScore results for three different majors below
highlight the effect the choice of major has on the student’s ability to
repay college loans. The lower the score the more challenging it will be
to pay back those student loans.

  • Early childhood education – a NitroScore of 390 (32 percent of
    a student’s post-grad income is devoted to paying back debt)
  • Accounting – a NitroScore of 578 (a 21 percent debt/income
  • Computer science – a NitroScore of 691 (14 percent debt/income

Using NitroScore, students and families can compare different options by
selecting a college and major to get an immediate NitroScore, showing
whether they are in the green, yellow, or red zone for managing their
college loan repayments. They can then customize the results, adding in
scholarship or grant offers from the schools, contributions from 529
plans and other savings, aid from additional sources, and even gifts
from family members, which gives them a real-time look at their
potential loan repayment situation.

“There are hundreds of tools that rank colleges in the aggregate, but
NitroScore is unique in helping students understand the best financial
choices for them based on their individual circumstances,” continued
Brown. “Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions a
young person will ever make. Doing so in an informed fashion where
students and their parents can clearly look at the manageability of
student loans is critical to their financial future.”

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About NitroScore

NitroScore is a free, online tool that lets students and their families
rank their college and major choices to determine the affordability of
student loans upon graduation. Using real-world data on college costs
and after-college salaries, NitroScore allows students and their
families to compare schools, financial aid offers, and majors to make
informed choices about college and student loans. Learn more here:

About Nitro

Based in Wilmington, DE, Nitro is committed to lowering the $1.2
trillion in student debt nationwide by offering students and their
families a variety of resources to help them finance their higher
education and minimize debt. With free, accessible information about the
FAFSA, scholarships, grants, and student loans, Nitro addresses the many
issues students face in funding their education and paying their debt

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