Lunes 22 de Abril 2019

Never Get a Flat Again: Citizen Bike Launches Muffin® Airless Tires on its Line of Folding Bikes

DANIA BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#airlesstires–Citizen Bike, market leader and innovator of affordable, stylish folding
bikes, introduces the availability of Muffin® airless tires on its line
of folding bikes. With a lifespan of thousands of miles, riders never
have to worry about flats or even pumping their tires – ever again.

“We wanted to bring a new level of biking freedom to our customers. By
offering Muffin airless tires, it’s about putting more fun and
possibility into bike ownership,” said Citizen Bike president and
founder, Avery Pack. “Citizen has always been about supporting a
lifestyle of going and being human. We want more people to get out there
and just go – without thinking about anything but the adventure.”

Benefits of Muffin airless tires include:

  • Puncture Proof: Because they are airless, Muffin tires are completely
    puncture proof. They can withstand just about anything that would
    normally derail your ride. Glass, nails, no problem.
  • Flat free forever: Filled with a natural, stable gas, integrated with
    macromolecular materials, instead of air, Muffin tires will never need
    air – and never go flat.
  • Lightweight: Muffin technology allows for a tire and wheel combination
    that weighs almost half the weight of traditional solid tires, and is
    comparable to many traditional tires.
  • Maintenance Free: Imagine never facing a flat tire again. With a
    lifespan of thousands of miles, you can put your bicycle pump away,
    and just roll out the door and ride.

With a tire upgrade option priced at $89, Muffin tires are available on
16” and 20” wheeled folding Citizen Bike models ranging from the TOKYO
starting at $199, to the BARCELONA at $449.

All Citizen Bike models come with their own line of matching Citizen
accessories to personalize each folding bike. Citizen Bike also offers
its customers their own smartphone app to track, share, and map their
folding bike adventures.

All Citizen folding bikes are prepared to order and are shipped direct
and ready-to-ride from

ABOUT CITIZEN BIKE: Citizen Bike is a lifestyle of going and
being human, providing folding bikes that are practical, affordable and
fun. For more than a decade, Citizen Bikes have been adventure enablers,
commuting companions, and unfolding new journeys right at home. Citizen
Bike is dedicated to helping more people get going on a bike, by
providing value and style conscious folding bikes for every budget.
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