Millions Clamoring to See Their Dog as the Next Pibborafi

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Submissions onto Pibborafi, Inc.’s wildly popular “list” poured in at
just over 5200 in February then blew up this November to over two
million reported entries. It’s a business model that has garnered the
company lots of attention in dog-loving circles. Once on their list you
get the chance to see your dog designed as a lovable $15 plush toy. Pets
appearing as Pibborafi toys have been in high demand since September.

Four pooches have been crafted into Pibborafis so far with several dogs
waiting to be announced. Now, with an unexpected two million dog
backlog, entries were closed Monday. Until the Ontario-based startup can
ramp up selections, legions of anxious dog owners will have to sit tight
and wait to see if their dog becomes the next

But it’s not just seeing your fur-baby as a plushie that’s the coup; the
palm-sized toys are virtually impossible to get. Surprisingly, Pibborafi
keeps the toys out of retailers. “We produce Pibborafis in such small
quantities,” explains Pibborafi CEO, Darrin Wilson, 48, “the stores
would get frustrated with us quickly.” The toys are made available on
the company’s
, however, bring lots of patience if you plan to nab one;
high traffic and low stock make for an exhilarating, if maddening,
shopping experience.

The name and picture of the real dog comes on each tag making you feel
like you’re part of an exclusive club whether you’re a selectee or
simply own one. Jonathan Paras of Porter Ranch, California, is the owner
of one of the first dogs chosen in January 2016. His dog, Milo, a Great
Dane/Belgian Malinois, was rescued near Los Angeles at three months old.
“It was a great sense of pride,” says Paras on what it meant to learn
Milo was selected. “Like a badge of honor.”

Learning of the popular toys on influential blog, Gizmodo,
David Magley of South Windsor, Connecticut, entered his Catahoula
Leopard/Australian Shepherd, Khali, onto the list and won. “We were
floored,” he says. “We knew her features would translate adorably into a

One excited list entrant emailed the company saying he saw Joe Biden
receive a Pibborafi on the Seth Meyers Show. “We couldn’t confirm that
at all,” laughs Wilson. “Probably mistaken, but it was a fun email.”


Pibborafi, Inc.
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