Millennials Creating Wine Industry Change, Says Infiniti Research

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Alcohol–The increasing consumption of wine by Millennials, in addition to
widespread health concerns and the increasing adoption of healthy
lifestyles and diets, is responsible for the current growth spurt in the
global organic wine market. Organic
is generally perceived to be healthier than non-organic
options, as it is made from organically-grown grapes, and most
(including all organic wines in the US) do not include sulfites.
According to Infiniti
, the global organic wine market is expected to grow at
a CAGR of 9.98% until 2021.

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Market developments

According to Infiniti Research, Millennials account for only 29% of all
wine drinkers, but are responsible for 34% of the total wine consumed in
the world. Organic wine is popular with this consumer group due to their
overwhelming focus on healthy lifestyles and preference for organic,
natural food and beverage products. Organic wine is especially popular
in the UK and the rest of Europe. Infiniti Research expects the organic
wine market in EMEA to grow at a rate of 8.43% until 2021, a result of
the increasing influence of Millennial consumers and their preferences.

Brands in Europe and across the world are developing new product lines
in order to seize the opportunity presented by Millennial
buying habits
. Aldi, for example, has just launched its first
line of eight sulfite-free, carbon-neutral wines that are both organic
and environmentally-friendly. Other retailers, including Vintage Roots
and Ocado, are expected to continue to expand their organic wine
offerings. Vintage Roots is now one of the biggest online retailers of
organic wine in the UK.

Market opportunities

An increase in land available for organic farming in Europe will help to
boost domestic and global markets alike and will present European
players with greater opportunities. Available land in Europe increased
from 9.2 million hectares in 2010 to 11.13 million hectares in 2015.
North America is also seeing an increase in organic farms and farming

However, differing standards and regulations regarding organic wine can
hinder the expansion of the global organic wine market. In the US,
organic wine cannot contain sulfites; in the UK, this is not the case.
Differences in organic farming practices worldwide can also cause
confusion for consumers, manufacturers, and retailers alike in regards
to what is considered organic in a particular country’s market. Market
can help navigate these challenges, identifying
opportunities and providing clarity on the challenges faced by the
global market as well as regional ones.

Infiniti Research’s market intelligence analysts help companies,
including those in the food and beverage industry, to discover
opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve sustained growth.
Infiniti’s latest project helped a
leading multinational alcoholic beverage company
to understand
the level of awareness, perception, sentiment, and different themes
associated with their brand.

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