Matchbook Learning Launches “Accelerator” in Groundbreaking Initiative with Orr Elementary School in Washington, DC

, a nonprofit charter school organization that specializes
in school turnarounds, will be launching its groundbreaking Matchbook
Accelerator in a new initiative with Orr Elementary School in
Washington, DC.

Funded by a $50,000 initial grant from the CityBridge Foundation, which
has the potential to grow to as much as $250,000, this partnership will
build the capacity of Orr’s leadership and staff to create a new type of
personalized learning environment with blended formats, using
Matchbook’s Spark technology platform and training tools, which have
been developed and refined in schools Matchbook has directly operated.

Similar to private sector accelerators, Orr’s principal will go through
a six-month leadership intensive that will be offered on site at Orr and
virtually with Matchbook’s Schools in Detroit, MI and in Newark, NJ.

The Matchbook Accelerator will be a unique approach in the education
industry that ties leadership outcomes to return on investment for
funders like CityBridge. As Orr builds its capacity to spread leadership
acumen throughout its organization, the work with Matchbook will serve
as a model for other funders, schools and districts to emulate.

CityBridge Executive Director Mieka Wick said: “As one of the early D.C.
Public Schools to participate in CityBridge’s education innovation
programs, Orr Elementary School continues to be a powerful example of
how a commitment to innovation and school redesign can transform schools
and communities. We are thrilled that Orr will be partnering with
Matchbook Learning’s Accelerator as part of Breakthrough Schools: D.C.
in order to build sustainable, scalable turnaround solutions for public

Matchbook Learning’s CEO, Sajan George, commented that: “The Matchbook
Accelerator addresses a national imperative – building leadership and
helping those leaders build teaching capacity for breakthrough student
results and school turnarounds.”

The Matchbook Accelerator program is built around the Baldridge Badge
concept, where Principal Dr. Carolyn Jackson and her team at Orr will
receive “Badges” as certification of their performance in such areas as
Leadership, Strategy, Customer Focus, Knowledge Management, Human
Resources, Process and Results.

Dr. Jackson will complete portions of the badges in the six-month
leadership intensive, and then complete further work in the following
months to earn additional milestone funding from Citybridge. In addition
to the leadership intensive, Dr. Jackson’s team will continue coaching
sessions with Matchbook in the following year and be connected to
Matchbook Learning’s SPARK platform community of turnaround cohorts in
the years ahead to deepen the work.

Dr. Jackson commented, “First and foremost Matchbook is very authentic
about equity and excellence and the challenges of getting there in the
turnaround space. I look forward to this collaboration, because I know
we’ll be designing the future of learning together and building great
leaders to do the work in the process.”

Matchbook Learning’s Chief Design Officer Dr. Bryan Setser added: “Our
process is unusual in that it focuses specifically on developing and
building the entire leadership team’s capacity in personalized, blended
and competency based badges. By anchoring our work in the Baldrige
criteria, we’re offering pipeline development locally and via a model
that can be sustained and scaled district wide or regionally through
other configurations like a RESA or BOCE. If we are serious about impact
at scale in this country, the Matchbook Accelerator can develop capacity
rapidly for those organizations seeking to ensure a strong leadership
pipeline for years to come.”

For additional details on the Accelerator, visit Matchbook’s website
here and also sign up for the listserv on the accelerator process here.
In addition, you can go to the summer design bootcamp page to fill out
an initial screening protocol for Matchbook to reach out to your team.


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