Marcus Hiles – On Western Rim’s Strategies to Reduce Residential Carbon Footprint

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Charity–The housing sector is often the largest portion of an individual’s
carbon footprint. Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus
recently discussed the many steps his corporation takes in
order to provide environmentally friendly and energy-efficient
residences, and what occupants can do to further assist at home. For the
average US citizen, heating and cooling accounts for almost 50% of
carbon emissions. To reduce these, each Western Rim property utilizes
three primary strategies: effective insulation, Energy
rated systems, and programmable thermostats with advanced
options to set different temperatures for certain rooms.

Coal and natural gas, both carbon intensive fuel sources, provide over
60% of the electricity available worldwide. Nuclear, hydro, wind and
solar provide cleaner power, but the process of acquiring them is too
costly for the average American. Instead, Marcus
suggests smart and limited use of lights, refrigeration,
entertainment and cleaning appliances. Simply switching from old,
incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights can reduce up to
80% of the energy required to operate them, and new light emitting
diodes (LED) perform even better. Fridges and freezers can be made more
efficient by not setting them too cold, insuring they are properly
sealed, are well defrosted, and located in the coolest area possible.
Televisions, computers, phones and other technology should be turned off
and unplugged when not in use, as even their standby consumption can be

Water is a significant source of emissions in most first-world
countries, with over ten gallons used per person per day. Taking
shorter, cooler showers, fewer baths, and turning off the faucet when
brushing or shaving are a few simple conservation techniques. By
installing low flow showerheads and toilets, a serious impact can be

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