Mammoplasty Using Implants, Safety Must Come First! TL Plastic Surgery

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As mammoplasty using implants is getting popular, people started to pay
more attention to its safety. It’s a complex procedure as it covers not
only breast augmentation but also its shape, size and touch. Dr. Yim
Joonghyuk of TL Plastic Surgery explains what we should know about the
surgery before the operation.

First, have a surgery by a specialist with various experiences.
using implants is complex. Dr. Yim of TL Plastic Surgery, who has given
morphological analysis of all breast implants available in the market at
seminars which received positive responses, states there has been no
identical body shape during his medical practice of 19 years.

As all women differ in chest width, breast tissue and skin elasticity,
considering patient’s physical features is critical. Thus, he recommends
having a surgery by a specialist who has undertaken a procedure under
various circumstances.

Second, the choice of implants is important.
Outcomes vary
depending on what kind of implants you choose. It should satisfy various
aspects such as shape, size and touch. In this regard, Motiva implants
of premium quality are very effective. As they are closest to real
breasts in touch and have both fullness of round implants and
naturalness of teardrop implants, its satisfaction among patients is
high. Also, results from clinical tests of past 5 years show that its
occurrence rate of capsular contracture is very low which accordingly
reduces possibilities of revision. Therefore, it can satisfy patients in
various aspects.

Third, find a clinic equipped with safe medical system.
It is
essential as the procedure requires general anesthesia. At TL Plastic
Surgery there is a full-time anesthesiologist who conducts real-time
monitoring until the operation is finished. Also, it has a relief
monitoring system which enables guardians to watch the procedure for
entire time, thus, doctor swapping is not possible. TL Plastic Surgery
puts every effort for safe and healthy operation by establishing a
well-organized system for handling emergencies in a timely manner.

Dr. Yim, having 19-years-experience of breast surgery, emphasizes
patients’ safety must come first. And he wishes them healthy beauty
results by keeping in mind the points described above.


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