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Mad Catz® Ships Tritton® ARK™ 100 Wired 7.1 Headset for PC

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz” or “the Company”) (NYSE MKT:
MCZ), a global provider of innovative entertainment products, today
announced that it has commenced shipment of its new Tritton ARK 100
Wired 7.1 Headset for PC to its retail customers.

Connecting via USB, the ARK 100 for PC features
advanced audio customization software, which places the gamer center
stage and fully in control of the audio environment. The 7.1 surround
sound is delivered through 60 mm and 10 mm drivers in each earcan,
providing a full 360 degrees of positional awareness, while a boom
microphone with dual chat mic system works to cancel out background
noise and improve the clarity of the player’s voice and communications
with teammates and other players.

Like the ARK 100 Wired Stereo Headset for PS4 and Xbox One, the ARK 100
for PC showcases three key innovations:

  • Audionomics – A unique, dynamic mono-curve design that
    unifies audio fidelity and ergonomics to achieve the ultimate
    experience in sound and comfort;
  • R:Drive – Multiple frequency-specific speakers in each
    earcup, tuned by a three-mode equalizer, that combine to deliver a
    powerful, compromise-free immersive sound experience; and,
  • Kameleon – Motion-dynamic RGB lighting that allows users
    to easily customize the illumination and look of the headset.

“The ARK 100 for PC raises the bar for PC gaming headset audio quality,
durability and comfort,” said Andrew Young, Chief Technology Officer at
Mad Catz. “Whether it be the unique comfort resulting from Audionomics,
the superior audio performance of R:Drive, or the customizability
provided by Kameleon lighting, the ARK 100 for PC is designed to
deliver the comfort, audio quality and customization that PC gamers seek
for optimum performance and gameplay enjoyment.”

The ARK 100 Wired 7.1 Headset for PC joins the existing ARK series of
innovative gaming headsets — the ARK 100 Wired Stereo Headset for PS4
and Xbox One — that began shipping in October 2016.

For additional information on the Tritton ARK series of Gaming Headsets,
including where to purchase the ARK 100 for PC, please visit: www.trittonaudio.com/ark.

About Mad Catz

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz”) (NYSE MKT: MCZ) is a global
provider of innovative interactive entertainment products marketed under
its Mad Catz® (gaming) and Tritton® (audio) brands. Mad Catz products
cater to gamers across multiple platforms including in-home gaming
consoles, handheld gaming consoles, Windows PC and Mac® computers, smart
phones, tablets and other smart devices. Mad Catz distributes its
products through many leading retailers around the globe. Headquartered
in San Diego, California, Mad Catz maintains offices in Europe and Asia.
For additional information about Mad Catz and its products, please visit
the Company’s website at www.madcatz.com.

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