[KOREA TL Plastic Surgery] ‘Nothing Can Replace SMAS Face Lifting!’

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–If you look older than your age due to drooping skin and deep wrinkles,
your best option would be a superficial muscular aponeurotic system-SMAS
face lifting.

Nobody wants their actual age shown on their face. As they want to look
even younger, those who experience unsuitable procedure/surgery can
suffer from its side effects. If you are looking for long lasting effect
on face lifting, TL Power Pull SMAS face lifting (excision procedure) is
the perfect solution. It can effectively elevate your undulating skin
and eliminate wrinkles. It can improve your aging skin, and drooping
skin caused by jaw and cheekbone reduction as well as people who are
suffering from saggy and droopy skin due to aging.

There are no alternatives to SMAS face lifting. You will experience
noticeable changes.

Dr. Jung YeonHo of TL Plastic Surgery with more than 20 years
experiences has received many inquiries on SMAS face lifting from those
wanting to reclaim their youth. He would recommend it for distinctive
effects. It pulls the SMAS layer and dermis and fixates them with
special medical threads inside the scalp. He said, “It pulls the SMAS
layer situated between the layer of subcutaneous fat (far below than
dermis) and the muscular coat. It pulls both in- and outside of the
skin, thus brings the satisfactory outcome.

It is recommended for those who have drooping skin due to aging or
reduction surgery and those who want to reduce wrinkles and expect
lasting effects with one single procedure.

It requires a minimum excision along the ear cartilage and gives
semi-permanent effects.

Dr Jung YeonHo recommended having accurate diagnosis and detailed
consultation as each individual has different forms of wrinkles, its
cause, and how to care them.

He has participated in societies and presented clinical test results in
Korea and internationally. He delivered live lectures to medical
professionals. He is an excellent professional in anti-aging face
lifting doctor.

If you are worried about your drooping and aging skin, meet Dr Jung
YeonHo and experience the distinguished consultation and surgeries. Get
your youthfulness back!


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