Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Hosts Hinamatsuri Girls’ Dolls Festival Exhibition

Displaying 6,500 Hanging Decorations and Japanese Bonsai

Plaza Hotel Tokyo
, one of Japan’s most prestigious international
hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will host a
special exhibition of traditional Japanese arts
to celebrate
traditional Hinamatsuri girls’ doll festival by displaying various
traditional art ornaments in the hotel from February to March, 2017.
This annually held exhibition has been extremely well received by
guests, and this year features some 6,500 finely hand woven silk doll
decorations, Japanese art ukiyoe items depicting scenes of
“Japanese female culture”, and “Bonsai” miniature decorative sculptured
plants to give visitors a taste of Japan’s traditional arts
representative of the “Hinamatsuri Girls’ Doll Festival”.

The hanging decorative art ornaments are specially hand stitched
expressly for the hotel exhibition using finely woven silk cloth from
old kimonos. Each of the handiworks has been carefully created for this
exhibition and symbolically reflects the hopes for the health and
happiness of children. The central set of dolls represents figures from
the Japanese court of the Heian period (794-1185). Our guests from
around the world are awestruck by the grandeur of this exhibit, which
offers the perfect opportunity for guests to take pictures as memories
of this exhibition.

The tradition of “bonsai” miniature decorative sculptured plants, which
has been a traditional part of Japanese culture, will be highlighted in this
year’s exhibition
. The art of “bonsai” is said to have started
during the Heian Period and became a popular traditional part of
“Japanese female culture” from the Meiji Period. Through to the Meiji
era, Japanese women were introduced to bonsai as part of their learning
on refinement and etiquette, which was said to help instill a sense of
beauty in their souls. Masterpieces from The
Omiya Bonsai Art Museum in Saitama
will be on display, as well as a
collection of bonsai-related artifacts and woodblock ukiyoe
prints, to show how bonsai played a role in the lives of Japanese women
in the past.

In recent years, the term “bonsai” has become recognized throughout the
world in reflection of the growing global appreciation for this
traditional Japanese art. Through this exhibition, we seek to offer our
guests unique opportunities to discover new and deep aspects of Japanese
traditional culture.

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