Independa, Inc., and ProMatura Group, LLC, Partner to Transform Satisfaction Surveys and Quality Improvement Programs in Senior Living Communities

“Frictionless Surveys” – Independa and ProMatura integrate advanced
satisfaction survey technology into award-winning resident engagement

SAN DIEGO & OXFORD, Miss.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#argentum17–Today, at the 2017
Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference
, Independa,
, a global leader in remote engagement technologies, announced
its partnership with ProMatura
Group, LLC
, a global market research and advisory firm specializing
in older adults. ProMatura’s impact plan, derived from its proprietary
satisfaction surveys, paired with voice of the consumer (VOC) monitoring
tools will be accessible through Independa’s resident engagement
platform, transforming staff insights on customer experience and the way
surveys are administered within senior living communities.

Today’s care community survey administration process is slow,
inefficient, and can result in high response rate error. Additionally,
few communities currently use satisfaction surveys to improve residents’
experiences. The need for an easy, streamlined service is apparent,
especially in communities where satisfaction monitoring is crucial to
referrals, resident and employee retention, and greater ROI. With
ProMatura, surveys don’t have to be solicited or taken on paper, a
computer or tablet, all of which require additional staffing and can be
cumbersome for the resident completing the survey. Now, individuals in
senior living communities are empowered to seamlessly complete surveys
through their Independa-enabled televisions.

The integration provides senior management a cost effective,
frictionless early warning system that is otherwise not possible,
collecting information directly from the resident TV and being deployed
effortlessly on an ongoing basis, versus annually. Key issues and
concerns, such as changes in health and wellbeing, can be more carefully
measured through the integration, helping to combat elder isolation and
adverse health developments. Staff can more easily identify patterns
across residents and communities, benchmark progress, monitor the
results of specific initiatives, and ultimately aid in enriching
resident experiences and satisfaction.

“We’re excited to be introducing this game changing partnership for
senior living communities,” said Kian Saneii, founder, chairman and CEO
of Independa. “At Independa, we’re always expanding the positive impact
of our resident engagement platform. Our partnership with ProMatura does
just that, allowing us to improve quality of life and care for the
individual while reducing operational complexities and costs for the

Independa integrates across everyday devices, helping people of all ages
and care needs effortlessly engage with professionals as well as family
and friends. Independa’s platform allows for video chat, messaging,
photo sharing, medication reminders and much more – all from the
familiar TV already in the residence. By partnering with ProMatura,
Independa can supply and support quality improvement surveys through the
Independa-enabled TV, cost effectively identifying and improving the
elements within senior living communities that have the most impact on
residents’ experience.

“We’re excited to dramatically expand our reach and our affordability to
more senior living communities, as well as introduce a range of new,
easy to implement quality improvement surveys and gain rapid feedback
with several new tools we’ve developed,” said Dr. Margaret Wylde,
founder and CEO of ProMatura. “When using Independa, communities can now
reallocate and better optimize funds previously used for expensive
paper-and-pen surveys to other facets of the business. Now, communities
can also more accurately and efficiently measure resident satisfaction
in areas like relationships, move-in impact, activities, sense of
control, dining options, outside visits and staff care.”

Saneii and Dr. Wylde recently delivered an informational
in collaboration with Senior Housing Forum, led by
publisher Steve Moran, to discuss measuring and monitoring resident
experience as well as the benefits of the partnership. Additionally, Dr.
Wylde is a renowned researcher, author and board member of the American
Seniors Housing Association and founded ProMatura in 1984, which has now
grown to include offices in Toronto and the U.K., providing data-driven
solutions to the senior care industry across the globe.

Independa is exhibiting with partner LG Fulfillment at booth #507
during the annual Argentum
Senior Living Executive Conference
May 1-3, 2017 at Music City
Center in Nashville, TN. More information on the partnership’s platform
integration, including new services, new pricing and availability, can
be provided upon request.

About Independa, Inc.

Independa, Inc., is the global leader in remote engagement technologies.
Founded in 2009, Independa helps people stay at their residence of
choice longer, safer and more comfortably, delaying or even preventing
the next episode or stage of care, while also increasing organizational
effectiveness and operational efficiencies across the care continuum.
Independa enables the best remote engagement and care by leveraging its
award-winning software platform to integrate across the TV and other
everyday devices, improving quality of life and quality of care while
reducing operational costs.

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About ProMatura, LLC

For 33 years, ProMatura has used critical information from 55+ consumers
to guide the planning and development of communities, consumer products,
services and industries. ProMatura focuses on the customer experience
from the moment they learn about or contact a community through their
life within the community. ProMatura uses its proprietary research
products in every U.S. state, every Canadian province, throughout
Mexico, and several locations in Central America, UK, Europe, and Asia.
ProMatura passionately captures quality information to improve
businesses and ultimately the customer’s experience.

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