Hubble Connected to Showcase Integration of Breakthrough IoT Technologies at CES to Build the “Emotional Home”

HUGO™ and IVO™ bring Alexa Voice, Emotionalytics™ & artificial
intelligence to the Hubble Connected platform to keep consumers in touch
with everything that matters most

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hubble Connected, the cloud-based platform from Binatone for the
Emotional Home™, announces several new innovations at CES that redefine
the consumer experience within their emotional world (Sands Expo in Tech
West booth #44354). HUGO, the world’s first truly intelligent smart
camera will be unveiled together with IVO, an integrated hub for the
home and nursery; both with Alexa Voice interface.

Additional updates from Binatone’s partnership with Motorola include a
new portable home monitoring solution together with a suite of new Smart
Nursery products, True Wireless audio and a retro inspired range of
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi portable speakers, while the Hubble Connected
platform introduces Emotionalytics™ and a host of other new services and
technology advancements that keep users in touch with everything that
matters most.

Meet HUGO & IVO, the world’s first smart home
monitor system with AI and voice control

The HUGO & IVO series of smart monitors and controllers come with Alexa
voice control, Affectiva Emotion AI, and content services for the whole
family, including sports and weather reports, news, popular music
streaming services and audiobooks. The innovation also brings a new
level of secured monitoring to the connected home, as HUGO has the
physical privacy of a motorized “eye lid” which can be closed at any

HUGO sits alongside a new smart viewer, IVO, which aside from HD viewing
offers Alexa voice control and a host of other apps. It can even make
phone calls and control your TV.

HUGO & IVO both work perfectly alongside all other Hubble Connected
monitors and devices.

Latest Advancements to the Hubble Connected

The latest Hubble Connected platform features cutting-edge software and
hardware advancements, including emotion recognition, sound recognition,
voice commands, pet tracking, car telematics and artificial
intelligence. An enhanced video platform provides fast replay stories,
defines zonal alert areas, and can differentiate between pet and human
motion and activity. Voice control for the connected home is built on
the Amazon Alexa platform and allows users the freedom to control, track
and monitor the things they care most about hands free, such as their
nursery environment or even summon help.

“Hubble Connected is an exciting, dynamic platform providing users with
the ability to stay connected and close to the important people and
items they value the most,” said Dino Lalvani, Chairman of Binatone
Global, sister company of Hubble Connected. “Hubble Connected is a
leader, and these new developments – from the innovative emotional
artificial intelligence in HUGO to our expansive network of
manufacturers developing products that operate with Hubble Connected –
reflect the convergence in IoT and further make our platform standout as
the premier option for the smart home.”

New Motorola Licensed Products from Binatone

A number of new Motorola products for the emotional home will also be
showcased, including:

  • Motorola Orbit, a completely portable weatherproof home monitor
    with 1080p imaging and a battery life of up to three months, that’s
    both Hubble Connected and supported by SD card storage so it works
    even in the event of Wi-Fi or power failure.
  • The award winning Motorola Smart Nursery range of intelligent
    baby monitors with sleep analytics, dream machines, humidifiers, smart
    scales and more, that are all Hubble Connected so parents can easily
    monitor and control their nursery environment, as well as track the
    growth, sleep patterns and comfort of their child.
  • An expanded series of Motorola VerveLife wireless,
    wearable and waterproof devices, including new VerveOnes True Wireless
    earbuds and the new VerveCam with live streaming, all of which are
    Hubble Connected for enhanced control and sharing.
  • A new Motorola Signature Series of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi portable
    speakers inspired by Motorola’s rich history in wireless technology
    and cutting edge design.

About Hubble Connected

Hubble makes it easy to stay connected with your favorite people, places
and pets with live video streaming and up-to-date smart notifications
wherever you are. Hubble is also the first Platform-as-a-Service for the
connected home. Offering complete SDK, API integration documentation and
reference design, Hubble enables leading brands and hardware
manufacturers to rapidly integrate and connect new products to the cloud.

About Binatone

Binatone is a leading provider of innovative consumer electronics and
lifestyle products for a broad range of applications including baby
nursery, pet nursery and family connectivity at home. Binatone is an
official Motorola licensee, and also markets consumer electronics under
the AEG, Binatone and iDECT brands. Hubble became part of the Binatone
Group in 2014 as part of a broader shift towards end to end IoT

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