Jueves 18 de de Julio 2019

Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan Begins 2017-18 Enrollment Period

Virtual Academy of Michigan
 (HVAM), an accredited, full-time online
public school, welcomes families with students in kindergarten through
ninth grade to enroll for the 2017-18 academic year. HVAM is open to all
students who reside in Michigan and offers an individualized approach to
learning, using engaging curriculum to ensure every student receives an
exceptional learning experience.

Students who enroll at HVAM receive a personalized education experience,
designed to let them find the learning style that works best for them.
HVAM provides courses in language arts/English, math, science,
history, world languages, art and music.

HVAM, authorized by Mesick Consolidated Schools, plans to add one
additional grade per year to eventually serve students through 12th
grade. The school offers a challenging academic program focused on
college preparation. As part of its focus, HVAM is developing an
Early/Middle College Program to offer to high school students in the

“Our interactive curriculum and instruction combined with teacher
support and hands on materials puts HVAM students on the path toward
academic achievement, while helping to discover and nurture each
student’s individual learning style,” said Mary Moorman head of school
at Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan. “As we enter our second school
year, we’re looking forward to watching our school grow and our student
population flourish. We know that an exceptional education stems from
having choices, and Michigan families appreciate the ability to select a
public school option which suits their needs.”

State-certified teachers provide instruction, guidance and support,
interacting with students and parents via email, web-based classrooms,
online discussions, phone and face-to-face meetings. As a public school
option, there is no tuition.

HVAM is now accepting enrollments for the 2017-2018 school year. Parents
are encouraged to attend one of the online information sessions hosted
by the school each month. More information on HVAM and upcoming events
can be found at http://hvam.k12.com/.

About Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan

Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan (HVAM) is a tuition-free online
public charter school authorized by Mesick Consolidated Schools that
currently serves students in grades K through 8 throughout the state. As
part of the Michigan public school system, HVAM is tuition-free, giving
parents and families the choice to access the engaging curriculum and
tools provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s leading provider of
K-12 proprietary curriculum and online education programs. For more
information about HVAM, visit www.hvam.k12.com.


Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan
Ali Robinson,