Gryphon House Releases Planning for Play

House, Inc.
announces Planning
for Play
, a guide to preschool-learning strategies that
emphasizes the developmental importance of play. This resource provides
educators with materials to create and support play experiences that
encourage readiness skills and social-emotional development.

Kemple, PhD
, brings early childhood educators a resource to better
understand the different types of play and the rich learning
opportunities they offer. Her book details how educators can carefully
plan playtime and design environments for valuable pre-K play
experiences to increase children’s cognitive and skill development.

“The current climate of push-down academics, mounting parental
expectations, and pressures on early childhood teachers to prepare young
children for the rigors of kindergarten completely disregards the simple
fact that children learn best through play,” said Kemple. “I created
these strategies to expose the truth of play and how it provides rich
opportunities for cognitive and socio-emotional development in young

for Play
will be widely available October 1, 2017. The
book is available for preorder now. To request a free excerpt or
e-galley copy, contact

ISBN 978-0-87659-716-3; 184 pp.; PB and e-book; $14.95.

About the Author

M. Kemple
, PhD, is a professor of early childhood studies at the
University of Florida. She serves on the consulting editors board for
NAEYC and is an active presenter at major national conferences. She
previously worked as a teacher in Head Start, as well as in a variety of
other early childhood programs. She has been an early childhood teacher
educator for 30 years and has been fascinated by play since she was an
infant. She is a founding faculty member of the Unified Early Childhood
ProTeach Program at the University of Florida, begun in 1992 as one of
the first cross-departmental inclusive teacher-education programs in the
United States. She is the author of a wide variety of publications on
early childhood development and education. Her current scholarship is
focused on play, creativity, and social-emotional learning in early

About Gryphon House, Inc.

House, Inc.,
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