GEICO says, ‘Distractions are like blindfolds– keep them out of the driver’s seat’

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–If a brain surgeon texted while performing surgery, or a chemist called
to get baseball scores while mixing flammable compounds, or a pilot took
a selfie while landing a helicopter, what do you think the outcome would
be? Not very good would be your first thought.

The same goes for drivers who operate their vehicles while distracted.
You just can’t expect a good outcome.

To mark Distracted Driving Awareness Month, GEICO wants drivers to stay
in the know on distractions
behind the wheel
, and offers these thoughts on how to do just that.

Are you driving distracted?

  1. My car has voice command technology, and that keeps me from
    becoming distracted, right?

    This isn’t always the case.
    While voice commands help keep your hands on the wheel, the Insurance
    Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found drivers still took their
    eyes off the road while using them. Voice commands also can cause the
    driver to lose focus. If the system makes an error with an address on
    the GPS for example, it can easily cause drivers to divert their
    attention, which can lead to a driving error.

  2. Can I do things like texting and putting on makeup while driving
    because I’m a really good multi-tasker?

    multi-tasking is a big myth; so the answer is no. Our brains rapidly
    switch between tasks, which can have a significant impact on driving

  3. How can driving distracted blind a driver?

    can cause what researchers call inattention blindness, which could
    lead to drivers missing objects such as emergency vehicles, road signs
    and pedestrians as a result of a distraction according to IIHS.

  4. What are the consequences of driving distracted?

    who choose to text behind the wheel or operate a handheld device could
    potentially face fines according to IIHS. Additionally, drivers’
    insurance rates could increase if they cause a crash as a result of
    driving distracted.

Set a Safe Driving Example

Become a part of the solution to distracted driving by leaving
distractions out of your daily drives. Keep phones on silent, set GPS
destinations before shifting into drive, pull over to eat and take care
of your primping needs earlier or later.

If you find yourself riding with a distracted driver, don’t be afraid to
speak up and voice your concern – sometimes safe driving needs to
stretch to the passenger seat, too.

For more safe driving tips, visit the car
safety page
on the GEICO More content hub.


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