Foodler Rewards Users Through One-of-a-Kind Food Delivery App, Every Order, Every Time

Ingredient Level Ratings and Recommendations Highlight Unique
Ordering Features that Set Brand Apart

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–When hunger strikes, convenience is now king. Consumers are increasingly
walking away from their kitchen pantries and reaching instead for their
phones, laptops or tablets to place an order for delivery. But they
aren’t going directly to specific restaurant websites to satisfy their
cravings. Instead, they’re looking to third party delivery apps that
house menus for thousands of different restaurants ranging in price,
proximity and type of cuisine. Boston-based Foodler is leveraging its
position as a leader in online ordering and rapidly becoming the one of
the nation’s fastest growing delivery applications, due to its
one-of-a-kind rewards program and ability to deliver ratings and food
recommendations down to the ingredient level—something no other app on
the market can do.

Foodler launched in 2004 when tech expert Christian Dumontet noticed a
glaring disconnect between restaurants and consumers. Each group was on
its own distinct side of the same business, and Dumontet and his
co-founders saw the opportunity to bridge that gap. He identified speed
of delivery times and expansion of restaurant access as deficiencies in
existing services. So he created a unique algorithm that brought food to
people in areas where delivery wasn’t normally accessible.

“At the time, restaurants and delivery services were strictly filling
orders by zip code, but there was definitely room for improvement,” said
Dumontet, co-founder and chief executive officer of Foodler. “With my
technology background, this was the perfect opportunity for a shift in
the industry. A faster, more individualized delivery service experience
was the missing link between restaurants and consumers. It’s incredible
to see how far Foodler has come since that initial lightbulb went off.”

Foodler now boasts more than half a million active users and 100
employees across the country. Foodler currently works with thousands of
restaurants across many metropolitan areas. Beyond having access to the
best local and major restaurants, the brand’s app offers a variety of
perks that can’t be found on any other online ordering platform.
Foodler’s rewards program alone sets the app apart from all of its
competition. For every order submitted, customers earn Foodler points.
Those points can then be used as FoodlerBucks, which reduce the price of
future orders. Points can also be redeemed to purchase Foodler branded
merchandise like cups and hats.

Foodler also goes above and beyond other apps when it delivers ratings
and recommendations back to its customer base. Online ordering and
delivery services typically allow customers to rate a restaurant’s
overall performance on a simple scale. Foodler instead allows its users
to take the rating process a step further by rating specific menu items
all the way down to the ingredients they contain. These ratings then
become a part of a user’s profile. Through its revolutionary algorithm,
Foodler tailors the customer’s ensuing recommendations based on their
specific tastes.

“The more you use the site, the better your recommendations become.
Foodler’s model is designed to connect consumers with restaurants and
menus they’ll love in order to ensure a positive experience every time
an order is placed. The technology that we have developed to power
Foodler has a patent pending on it, because nothing like this has ever
existed in the delivery industry. That’s why the vast majority of our
users continue to utilize our app long after their first order,” said

Backed by its commitment to innovation and customized service, Foodler
looks to lead the $70 billion takeout industry in the U.S. The company
is now entering new markets and adding restaurants to its lineup at a
rapidly increasing rate. Each month, over 100 restaurants add their
menus to Foodler’s lineup. The company is growing by about 30 percent
annually and that figure jumps to 80 percent when Foodler enters new

Foodler is also working on new ways to further innovate the delivery
automation industry, launching things like Apple Pay and Android Pay to
make online ordering more convenient for customers. In addition, Foodler
recently rolled out a group ordering feature that allows for seamless
check splitting for work lunches or dinner with friends.

“The online ordering industry is constantly evolving, and we’re
committed to staying ahead of the curve,” said Dumontet. “By continuing
to innovate and introduce new features to our platform, Foodler’s growth
potential is unlimited. Within the next year, we anticipate that Foodler
will have grown by an additional 30 percent. Within the next five years,
we believe Foodler will be synonymous with local food delivery


Foodler is a premiere online food ordering service that bridges the gap
between consumers and restaurants. With a wide variety of restaurants
for immediate delivery and individual recommendations based on order
history, user ratings, discounts and free delivery, the app is truly
one-of-a-kind. Foodler makes ordering a positive experience for both
restaurants and customers by automatically remembering favorite foods,
ingredients, payment methods and tip preferences. It also allows
customers to earn rewards with every order made, giving them access to
exclusive savings. For more information, please visit


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