Florida’s Rapidly Growing Business Phone Company, VoiceOnyx, Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary by Announcing an Industry Changing Business Listing Service

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#businessphoneVoiceOnyx
Business Phone Service & Systems
is now offering a complimentary
business listing service that brings back the idea behind the once very
successful Yellow Pages Phone Book. In years past, obtaining a Yellow
Pages listing was vital for business marketing – as it allowed companies
to be found by their potential customers.

Eventually, the Internet evolved and ultimately changed the way we
search for products and services from local businesses. Although most
companies hope for incoming traffic over the phone, it takes a wealth of
marketing knowledge and effort to make their phones ring.

“History shows us that once the incumbent telephone companies found the
phone book business unprofitable, they divested their interests or
stopped publishing their business listings altogether. They forgot about
the importance of the customer relationship and how important it was for
some small businesses that relied on this simple but effective form of
marketing,” says Edward Warren, operations manager at the Orlando

VoiceOnyx is bringing back to life the abandoned responsibility of the
telephone company by providing a groundbreaking internet listing
platform, VoiceOnyx
. For those customers who opt-in, business listing
information will be syndicated to over 300 online business directories
and local listing websites. For VoiceOnyx customers, the resulting
effect will yield greater search engine rankings, accurate business
information, and enhanced credibility.

“We are very excited to be offering this service to our customers. We
have a vested interest in their success and ability to be found by their
prospective customers,” says Elizabeth Allen.

According to a recent study conducted by Invoca, the ratio of people who
would rather call a business than fill out a form online is more than
double. “In a world of emails and text messages, some businesses have
forgotten about how important a good old fashioned phone conversation is
for their customer service and reputation,” continues Elizabeth. The
study also shares that 46% of customers want to call a business to get a
quick answer when they are in need of expert advice. “We don’t want our
customers to miss out on any opportunities!”

The VoiceOnyx Presence platform will complement their free Business
Listing service with additional value added services such as Social
Media Marketing and Reputation Management. “We want our customers to
have all the tools not only to drive customers to their websites but
also to their phone numbers. It is a win-win for everyone, and we look
forward to reinventing what the Yellow Pages did for businesses a decade
ago,” concludes Edward Warren.


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