FamilyWize‘s emRxcel® Automates Patient Prescription Savings Program Through Physician EMR Systems

announced today the launch of emRxcel®, a proprietary product that
integrates its prescription drug savings program with electronic medical
records (EMRs) to help patients save on their yearly prescription drug
costs. With emRxcel®, a FamilyWize discount is automatically included
with a patient’s prescription through the EMR. Patients should still
mention FamilyWize to their pharmacist to ensure they receive this
possible discount when picking up their medication. The Free FamilyWize
Prescription Savings Card is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies,
including such major chains as Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and others.

emRxcel® integrates with a hospital’s EMR, allowing physicians ease of
use when prescribing medications and encouraging patients to use
financial discounts to improve their health. Patient adherence to their
drug regimens is then electronically tracked, monitored, and
communicated back to the physician.

“As FamilyWize enters our eleventh year of business, with over 10
million people helped and $1 billion saved, we continue to focus on
further improving families’ lives as they struggle to manage their
health,” said Joseph Sanginiti, Chief Executive Officer at FamilyWize.
“Our prescription drug card and app have been tremendously successful,
so it only made sense that we directly enlist the help of physicians and
pharmacists to automate our program and make it more accessible to
patients. emRxcel is a tool that supports the behaviors required for the
most consistent prescription medication adherence, and ultimately for
families to live healthier lives.”

FamilyWize’s emRxcel® pilot program has already been implemented into
the workflow of 338 ambulatory physician practices associated with Trinity
. In just over four months, 4,865 patients served by these
physicians have saved a total of $194,106 on prescription drug purchases.

Established in 2005, FamilyWize is the only prescription assistance
program of its kind to pass 100 percent of its savings through to its
members. Under the FamilyWize program, savings are dramatic for
families. For instance, patients with high blood pressure who take 20MG
of Prinivil and pay a national average of $54.88 for a month’s supply,
pay only $14.26 for the same medication through the FamilyWize program.
Patients taking a 30-day supply of 10MG Crestor for cholesterol, pay
only $207 instead of the national brand average of $265.14.

FamilyWize covers all FDA-approved prescription medications. Smartphone
users can download the FamilyWize Prescription
Savings Card
for free at the iOS App Store and Google Play. There
are no eligibility requirements to use the card, which is available to
all consumers – insured, underinsured, and uninsured.

For more information on FamilyWize’s emRxcel®, or to speak with an
executive, please contact Kathy McConnell at
or call 610-228-2149.

About FamilyWize

Since 2005, FamilyWize has helped over 10 million Americans live
healthier lives by saving them more than $1 billion on life-saving
prescription drugs. By aggregating large groups of patients, FamilyWize
advocates and negotiates for deep discounts on prescription drugs which
it then passes on in full to patients. FamilyWize partners with some of
the most respected community groups and health care providers in the
country, including United Way Worldwide, National Council for Behavioral
Health, Mental Health America, and American Heart Association, among
thousands of other community organizations. To use FamilyWize, download
our app at


Press Contact
Gregory FCA
Kathy McConnell, 610-228-2149