Evena Medical Launches Advanced Mobile Ultrasound Medical Imaging System at MEDICA 2016

Evena DeepVu® Ultrasound 4.0 Features
Easy-to-Use Wireless Imaging for Both Vascular Access and Diagnostic
Use, Everywhere, Every Time – from Routine to Critical Care

DUSSELDORF, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MEDICA 2016 – Evena Medical, a leader in the development of
high-quality, high-definition imaging for fast, accurate and precise
bedside visualization, is introducing its enhanced DeepVu®
Ultrasound 4.0, offering clinicians the most advanced handheld
ultrasound for use by clinicians of all skill levels.

Featuring wireless connectivity, Evena’s DeepVu system delivers clear,
anatomically accurate, real-time bedside imaging in an agile,
easy-to-use, cart-free system. With the DeepVu Ultrasound 4.0 platform,
ultrasound can be deployed for viewing tissue by all levels of
clinicians anywhere within the facility or by remote medical experts
located anywhere in the world. Wireless connectivity enables images to
be available on a variety of displays, including tablet PCs and iPads,
or hands-free on the Evena Eyes-On® Clinical Glasses for
wearable imaging.

Other enhancements to the DeepVu Ultrasound 4.0 platform include a
lightweight, streamlined transducer that can be easily carried in a
pocket, and straightforward “one-button” operation.

“The DeepVu Ultrasound 4.0 system offers medical professionals an
advanced mobile and wearable ultrasound option for adult primary care,
pediatrics, emergency medical care and other medical specialties,” said
Frank Ball, Evena Medical, CEO. “With Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses,
clinicians can visualize veins, organs and other tissue deep beneath the
skin with superior, real-time imaging in front of their eyes with
simple, hands-free operation.”

Evena provides an entire family of clinician-facing, bedside imaging
solutions within the Series-4 family of products, including:

  • DeepVu® Personal Ultrasound [U/S]: for peripheral and deep
  • Owl® Bedside Imaging & Augmented Reality [AR] Platform:
    economical “clamp-anywhere” solution which uses patent-pending
    MultiSpectral Light [MSL/nIR] imaging, plus U/S imaging, in addition
    to infrared florescence [IRF] contrast enhanced imaging
  • Eyes-On AR Clinical Glasses: a wearable computing platform featuring
    the same technologies as the Owl in a more agile “wear-everywhere”
    form-factor, providing greater AR flexibility, plus Multi-Scope
    interoperability, for laparoscopy, endoscopy and arthroscopy, vein
    surgery and more wherever and whenever needed.

Eyes-On Clinical AR Glasses utilizes Evena proprietary technologies to
attain super high-quality images and AR without the image latency
problems encountered on consumer-grade smart glasses during real-world
imaging procedures. In addition to its unique “situational awareness”
capabilities, the Eyes-On platform is one of the first healthcare
applications of smart glasses commercially available on a global scale –
developed for clinicians, by clinicians.

“Ultrasound is fast becoming the most ubiquitous clinical tool in the
medical profession, surpassing the stethoscope,” added Ball. “With
Evena’s wearable U/S and AR platform, doctors, nurses and medics can
quickly and easily view important patient imagery – even in challenging
clinical environments such as emergency, surgical, or pre-hospital, or
in more remote, underdeveloped parts of the world without access to
advanced medical care.”

The DeepVu Ultrasound can be wirelessly connected via WiFi, Bluetooth
and LTE for viewing of patient data in real-time anywhere.

Evena’s rapid expansion means they are enrolling distributors as well as
affiliate/opinion-leaders in markets around the world. Evena’s Affiliate
Program is designed to reward thought-leaders who normally advocate new
technologies within their organizations – fast, easy training is
available online. Sign up at booth 15A23 during Medica, or at EvenaAffiliate.com.

Various products/uses have differing Regulatory Approval in various
regions, not all products are available in all regions at this time.

See Inside Yourself Demonstration

Attendees at this year’s Medica in Düsseldorf (November 14-18) can
experience Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses first hand throughout the day:

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH Stockumer Kirchstraße 61 D-40474 Düsseldorf
15A23, Wearable-Technologies Pavilion
On-going demonstrations:
Monday – Thursday, 11/14 – 17; 10:30AM – 5:30PM

About Evena Medical

Evena Medical is a privately-held company based in California’s Silicon
Valley which develops innovative: augmented reality, medical imaging,
workflow & communications technologies. Evena’s initial product, the
Evena Owl® 1.0, was launched in early 2013, Owl®
2.0 is FDA (USA) and CFDA (China) Approved/Listed, CE-Mark in process
for Q1. Evena’s Eyes-On Clinical AR Glasses 4.0 system is a breakthrough
wearable technology that will be available in Q1 2017 in most countries
worldwide. Evena is currently seeking Affiliates and Distributor
Partners in Europe & the Atlantic Region plus many other markets
worldwide. For more information, visit EvenaMed.com,
or email Info@EvenaMed.com.


Evena Media Contact:
Global Results Communications
Kilroy or Valerie Christopherson
+1 (949) 608-0276