Embark on a Journey to Un’Goro™ and Explore the Primal Side of Hearthstone®

Unearth 135 new cards in the newest expansion for Blizzard
Entertainment’s internationally acclaimed digital card game

Deck-building possibilities evolve with Adaptation and Legendary

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#UnGoro–Today, Azeroth’s finest scholars and explorers have set out on their
most ambitious expedition yet—the Journey to Un’Goro™. This new
expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s smash-hit digital card game Hearthstone®
is now live! Players from around the world are trekking into the heart
of this primeval land on a mission to learn about the local inhabitants,
harness astonishing elemental energies, and discover powerful minions
hidden in the thick jungle mists—all while excavating 135 new Hearthstone
cards to add to their collections.

Journey to Un’Goro thrusts players into a land of primordial
wonder where ancient elementals, lethal flora, and fierce predators have
roamed since the dawn of time. Being an apex predator in such an
unforgiving ecosystem has its benefits—the crater’s dinosaurs have
learned to adapt to any threat. Adapting allows a minion to take on new
properties or powers to better deal with their prey, so don’t let your
guard down! As an enticement for those brave or curious enough to
venture deep into Un’Goro, a mysterious new bounty awaits: Quest cards.
These Legendary spells will always appear in the player’s starting hand,
and—once their requirements are met—grant incredible rewards.

“With dinosaurs and elemental minions and the new Adapt and Quest
mechanics, Journey to Un’Goro begins the next Hearthstone
chapter with a prehistoric punch,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder
of Blizzard Entertainment. “We can’t wait to see the strategies that
deck-builders uncover as they explore the jungles of Un’Goro.”

Journey to Un’Goro is available now for Windows® and Mac® PCs;
Windows, iOS, and Android™ tablets; and iOS and Android phones. Card
packs can be purchased individually or in discounted bundles from the
in-game Shop for gold or real-world currency at the same price as all
other Hearthstone card packs. Players now have the chance to win Journey
to Un’Goro
card packs as quest rewards or prizes in the Arena, and
can also craft cards from the expansion by using Arcane Dust collected
from disenchanting unwanted cards.

Learn more about the perils and wonders awaiting intrepid explorers in
Un’goro Crater at www.ungoro.com.

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