Dr Jung Yeon Ho’s “TL POWER V Lift Non Surgical Facial Contouring” Gets the Fantastic V Line Shaped Face without Bone Surgery!

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Looking chubby in photos? Just the right amount of cheek fat makes one
look young but too much check fat is likely to ruin one’s impression and
has a negative impact on skin elasticity and even leading to a saggy
face. It is hard to lose face fat regardless of how hard you go on a
TL Plastic Surgery’s Yeon-ho Jung has more than 20 years to
remove excessive face fats for the definite result to create sharp face

Power V Lift is a non-invasive procedure that brings you “V-line,”
recommended to those who are concerned about cheek fat, chubby jaw, or
buccal fat. We need to know that there is a genuine procedure for Power
V Lift procedure. Many clinics conduct Power V Lift but trademark rights
belong to Dr. Jung. He has performed this procedure for more than 20
years. Based on rich experience and know-hows, he knows how to give you
the best V-line for you.

TL Plastic Surgery’s Power V Lift slims down the facial line by removing
excess fat on the jaw and chin. Also, using the Accusculpt laser and
HIFU ultrasonic equipment, the fat will be removed and SMAS layer gets
lifted. With collagen tightening effect on the area, the jaw line will
become taut.
This procedure does not entail bone surgery but still
can streamline and tighten the jaw line based on the knowhow of Dr.
Jung. Among those many procedures regarding liposuction, this procedure
barely affects the tissue while removing the greatest amount of fat
delicately. Sophisticated skills and an aesthetic sense are necessary.

Power V Lift does not involve any bone surgery but to remove fat in the
jaw and cheek. The patient can expect smaller face after the procedure.
Also, tightened SMAS layer allows for smaller and slimmer “V-line” face.

Get your slim face and confidence with Power V Lift of TL! Consult
online now to find out more about Power V Lift.


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