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Noah’s Bandage Project, Shadow Buddies Foundation & The Honey Foundation
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announced today that the Noah’s Bandage Project, Shadow Buddies
Foundation and The Honey Foundation are the first three charities
available to receive donations from kids through BusyKid. BusyKid,
formerly known as My Job Chart, is the first mobile website that allows
kids to earn, save, share, spend, and invest real money by completing
weekly chores and activities.

“Sharing is a vital part of the financial platform each of us should
adhere to because it’s the right thing to do and not because it helps
with taxes,” says BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset. “It’s important for kids to
learn that sharing a portion of their weekly allowance can help many
other people, especially kids in need. BusyKid can help your kids build
a routine of giving that can stay with them the rest of their lives. We
are extremely proud to have Noah’s Bandage Project, the Shadow Buddies
Foundation and The Honey Foundation as our first great charities our
families can support directly through our platform. We’ll continue to
provide a wide variety of charities as we grow.”

Noah’s Bandage Project

Started by Noah Wilson, a seven-year old cancer patient from Kansas
City, the Noah’s Bandage Project has two goals – 1) to help provide cool
and fun bandages to kids that need them, and 2) to help raise funds for
pediatric cancer research. In the U.S., only 4% of our national cancer
research budget goes to kids. So, Noah wanted to help get donations to
his project and provide grants for pediatric cancer research.

Through NBP’s efforts, they have helped hospital administrators see the
need and importance of increasing their supply of these cool and fun
bandages for kids. They have already helped to provide thousands of
bandages to hospitals that were in short supply and these bandages are
given to families to take home, free of charge! For more information, go

Shadow Buddies Foundation

Shadow Buddies (
are condition-specific dolls designed to be a friend “just like me” for
seriously ill or medically challenged children. The Buddies not only
provide comfort to an ill child, but also provide physicians a hands-on
method of educating newly diagnosed children and their families about a
particular disease or medical condition and its treatment.

Shadow Buddies are also a unique form of play therapy. The Buddies
remain with the child throughout their treatment, providing long-term
psychological support. Each Buddy wears a smile on its face and has
heart eyes for love. The Shadow Buddies Foundation is located in Lenexa,
Kansas, and has handed out nearly 1 million Buddies around the world.

The Honey Foundation

With a mission to make the world a better place, one kind act a time,
spreading compassion and generosity across the globe, The Honey
Foundation has shown that kindness is contagious, and it can bee fun,
too. That’s why The Honey Foundation (
features interactive ways to track good deeds and watch as one kind
action multiplies into a global movement of love and brotherhood.

The Honey Foundation is based in Goodyear, Arizona, and built The
Kindness Education Program for schools that teaches students the
importance of being kind by instilling basic life skills, including
self-esteem, confidence, positive communication, positive thinking,
leadership, philanthropy and community.

About BusyKid

BusyKid is the first online chore chart where children can earn, save,
share, spend and invest real money wisely. Formerly known as My Job
Chart, BusyKid is easy to use, revolutionary and allows kids to receive
a real allowance from their parents each Friday. No more points or
trying to convert imaginary money.

BusyKid is committed to helping children learn the important basic
financial principles they don’t get anywhere else. Designed as a
platform that is easy for parents to implement, BusyKid features
pre-loaded chores based on children’s ages and making chore payment
approvals is as simple as answering a text message. BusyKid is the only
online chore/allowance platform that allows children to earn real
allowance and use it immediately to buy gift cards, make a donation or
invest in real stock. For more information, go to


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