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Director YimJoongHyuk of TL Plastic Surgery Korea: Satisfactory Breast Shaping Preparation

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Increasing number of people are starting to pay attention to their body
shape. Efforts like diet and exercise can help improve their figure to
some extent but have little effect on physical traits determined by
innate factors. In particular, breast size and shape are mainly
determined by genetics. It’s rare luck to be born with beautiful bosom.
Therefore, many women have keen interest in breast surgery.

Although everyone can increase breast size by surgery, the aim of breast
surgery is not only to increase size but also to achieve a beautiful
breast shape.

In early times, breast surgery was only intended to change breast size.
However, it evolved over time. Advances in medical science have reduced
side effects of surgery, shortened recovery phase and created more
natural-looking breasts. The advent of teardrop shaped breast implants
minimizes the damage to tissue and various new instruments such as HD
endoscopes have sprung up. Among the latest innovations are MOTIVA
implants which can offer more natural feel than textured implants.

Director YimJoongHyuk of TL Plastic Surgery Korea says, “Only when such
advanced technologies are applied properly can plastic surgeons achieve
better outcomes. Plastic surgeons should make adjustments and select the
ideal surgical procedure after taking into account the physical
conditions and aesthetic objectives of patients. Patients should also
understand the limits of their body types. After taking these factors
into consideration, with thorough knowledge of surgical procedure and
adjusting the objectives, plastic surgeons can achieve an ideal outcome.”

Dedicated to breast augmentation for 19 years, Director YimJoongHyuk
adds, “Throughout my career I found no two patients with same physical
conditions. This means it’s important to consider individual physical
characteristics and it’s even more important to formulate a customized
surgery plan based on the patient. It is recommended to choose a plastic
surgeon with plenty of clinical experience and professional expertise.”

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