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Controversy Surrounding GMOs Leading to Popularity of Organic Baby Food: Infiniti Research

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Baby–Increasing concerns about GMOs, pesticides, and food additives are
affecting the baby food market worldwide. According to Infiniti
, more parents and caregivers are opting for natural and
organic baby food: close to half of all new baby food launches new
launches from 2007 to 2012 were in the organic segment, and supermarket
sales of organic baby food saw a rise of more than 60% over the past
five years. The market is experiencing a shift from non-organic baby
food to organic.

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Organic baby food is typically considered to be baby food that is made
from ingredients that have been grown without the use of pesticides,
herbicides, or other chemicals
and modifications. North America,
according to Infiniti Research, is the largest growing market for
organic baby food in the world. In North America, GMOs are typically
considered safe for human consumption; in many other regions and
countries, however, this is not the case. The sale and production of
genetically modified crops are highly restricted in France, Germany, and
other European nations; North America and the EU have very different
regulations when it comes to GMOs.

As top GMO corporations continue to be the subjects of negative press
and environmental and health-related lawsuits, GMOs are becoming less
trusted and more parents and consumers in North America are turning to
organic food
and beverage
alternatives for their infants. The risk of
pesticide contamination in organic baby food is about 30% lower than in
regular baby food, making it a more appealing option for
health-conscious consumers. While organic baby food typically costs
between 25%-50% more than non-organic baby food, prices are dropping as
more vendors enter the market and fight to remain competitive and
affordable for a large number of consumers.

is essential for understanding the rapidly changing
dynamics and consumer preferences in the food and beverage market. While
mothers in nuclear families have traditionally been the targets for
advertisements and marketing schemes for organic baby food, vendors now
must understand and cater to different and diverse family structures. As
the majority of new parents are Millennials, vendors must also alter
their marketing practices from advertising in parenting magazines to
also include parenting websites and social media, and must make more
products available for purchase online. Additionally, as health concerns
and a preference towards environmentally-friendly products increase,
vendors must also ensure that their packaging designs and materials meet
the expectations of health-and-environment conscious consumers.

Based on your market focus and products, Infiniti Research provides
detailed, real-time insights into evolving consumer preferences, price
trends, and government regulations for a variety of industries such as
organic foods. Infiniti will also identify and analyze major competitors
as well as those in niche markets, ensuring you remain one step ahead of
the competition. Backed by research centers in multiple emerging
markets, Infiniti Research uses information from around the world to
help you devise effective growth strategies to cater to the evolving
preferences of consumers, while providing solutions on how to capitalize
on untapped opportunities.

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