® Announces Expanded List of Services to its Telemedicine Platform

a Florida-based telemedicine company specializing in a broad range of
services, announced today that it has expanded its platform to include
the IBM Application Programming Interface (API) Connect, one of the most
advanced cloud-based management solution technologies on the market

Powered through the prestigious IBM Entrepreneurship program,®’s
proprietary software called “Powered by®”
can now seamlessly integrate into any platform or service including
current Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records
(EHR), and online medical directories.

“Through our partnership with IBM API Connect, we can now help providers
scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising
security or privacy for their patients,” said Craig Goldson,®
Chief Technology Officer. “In addition to the IBM API Connect,®
now offers an even more expansive collection of services.” These
services include:

Mail Order Pharmacy: Prescription delivery service.

Medical Billing: Accounts receivable team to maximize
providers collections, which significantly reduce the time for insurers
to pay various providers.

“We are pleased to expand our list of services to provide more resources
for our patients and physician partners alike,” said®
Founder and CEO, Lawrence Bentvena. “®
will continue to provide the most advanced services in our industry.”

is an innovative, cloud-based software platform that enables health care
providers to expand the reach of their provider networks by ensuring
seamless and secure virtual collaboration between patients, medical
professionals and plan administrators via voice, video, email and mobile
devices. The cloud based HIPAA compliant platform shares information
between patients, physicians, pharmacies and when required,
laboratories. Stored on a Cloud server with a highly secure firewall and
monitored 24/7,®
maintains the privacy and security of each unique instance of our
expanded services allow seamless integration through the use of an
Application Programming Interface (API). This allows its technology to
be imbedded into any platform or service including EMRs, EHRs, online
medical directories.


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