Circle Media Inc. Announces European Retail Expansion

New relationships with Tura and Bullboat distribution bring Circle
with Disney to 10 countries, giving parents the ability to manage screen
time and filter content for every device in the home

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Circle Media Inc., a company leading the way in healthy screen time
management across all devices, today announced two new retail
partnerships that bring Circle with Disney to 10 European countries.
Working with Tura and Bullboat Distribution, consumers in the United
Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland,
Iceland and Denmark will now have the ability to integrate Circle into
their homes to help parents stay informed about their kids’ online
activities and limit screen time on every device in the home including
smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles.

“Managing kids on devices isn’t just a U.S. thing, it’s a global issue,”
said Jelani Memory, founder, Circle. “Whether you’re in the UK or
Norway, you’ll find parents who are looking for ways to manage their
kids’ content and screen time. Circle is that answer.”

Circle with Disney is managed through a companion iOS app and pairs with
Wi-Fi, giving parents the ability to filter content, set a bedtime for
devices, and even completely pause the Internet. Each user’s profile and
settings can be completely customized based on age and parents’

Additional Information About Circle with Disney

Circle is a complete solution that helps families filter content, manage
screen time, and stay informed with what their kids do online. The full
suite of Circle tools includes:

CIRCLE WITH DISNEY: a smart network device that “talks”
wirelessly with a home router and each household device continuously to
filter and deliver content based on family settings.

CIRCLE HOME APP: the companion app for Circle with Disney gives
parents the ability to filter content, set a bedtime for devices, and
even completely pause the Internet. Parents can manage user profiles and
settings, and completely customize them based on kids’ ages and parents’

MYCIRCLE APP: A content dashboard for every member of the family,
the MyCircle experience is tailored to each person’s interest.
Family members will default to MyCircle as their homepage, which will be
populated with curated and exclusive content and provide information
about the user’s online history.

CIRCLE GO: Extends the Circle experience to keep all family
settings active wherever the family’s devices travel. Circle Go is
available for a monthly subscription of $9.95 and covers up to ten

Circle with Disney will be available at a variety of retailers with
pricing reflecting appropriate currencies. The Circle Home app can be
downloaded for free for iOS or Android from the Apple App Store or
Google Play.

About Circle Media Inc.

Founded in 2014 and with offices in Portland, Ore. and Cypress, CA,
Circle Media Inc. exists to develop family-centric products that
redefine how we connect.


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