Blink Health Announces Arbor Patient Access Program

Starting January 14, thousands of patients can cut their prescription
costs in half at nearly every pharmacy nationwide.

announced today that it will work with Arbor Pharmaceuticals
to offer up to a 50 percent discount on multiple Arbor branded
medications beginning January 14, 2017. The Blink Health Arbor Patient
Access Program delivers the discounts directly to patients and will be
honored at over 67,000 local pharmacies nationwide.

The collaboration between Arbor and Blink Health can reduce branded
medication costs for patients who pay full retail prices at the pharmacy
including those who have no insurance or high deductible insurance
plans. Several Arbor medications will be included in the program. “We
are very pleased to be working with Arbor and to improve the
affordability of many of their medications,” said Blink Health CEO and
Co-Founder Geoffrey Chaiken. “Finally, we have created a way for
consumers to get direct access to similar discounts historically
reserved for insurance companies and large employers.”

The Arbor partnership comes a few weeks after Blink Health announced a
40% direct-to-patient insulin discount program with Eli Lilly and
Express Scripts. Similarly, the Blink Health Arbor Patient Access
Program is a manufacturer-funded program made possible by Blink’s
technology platform. The establishment of consecutive patient access
programs signals confidence in pharmaceutical companies’ ability to
leverage Blink’s innovative technology to offer significant discounts on
branded drugs in 2017.

Blink Health aims to level the playing field for all consumers as many
continue to face increasing out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. “The
Blink Health Platform can effectively allow Arbor to lower many of our
net retail prices for cash paying patients,” said the President and CEO
of Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Ed Schutter. “We understand the financial
burden people may face when paying full price for their medications, and
Arbor is committed to finding solutions so that all patients have
affordable access.”

Blink Health will begin selling Arbor branded medicines at up to a 50
percent discounted price on the Blink Health website and mobile app
starting January 14, 2017. The starting point of the offer will coincide
with the new deductible period for many health plans. The Blink Health
Arbor Patient Access Program includes all presentations of
BiDil®(isosorbide dinitrate/hydralazine HCI), Edarbi®(azilsartan
medoxomil), Edarbyclor®(azilsartan medoxomil/chlorthalidone), and
Horizant®(gabapentin enacarbil).

How does it work?

Eligible patients can participate in the Blink Health Arbor Patient
Access Program via the Blink Health mobile app or website,,
which has no membership fees or monthly premiums. Patients enter the
form, dosage and quantity of the Arbor medication that matches their
prescription. The discount will be automatically applied. Payments are
made online and the prescriptions can be picked up at virtually any U.S.
pharmacy, including: Walgreens, CVS, Target, RiteAid, Safeway and
Kroger. People using federal government programs are not eligible.
Purchases are fully refundable.

Blink Health will keep the public updated on details of the program
through their Facebook and Twitter pages (@BlinkHealth) and other
digital channels.

About Blink Health

Founded in 2014, Blink Health is a technology platform that enables
consumers to access the medications they need at prices they can afford
at over 67,000 local pharmacies nationwide. Blink’s free mobile app and
website allow users to compare the prices of their prescription drugs to
Blink’s prices—which can be up to 90% less than the average retail
price—and purchase their drugs online. Blink Health groups patients
together to leverage their purchasing power and secure significantly
lower prices for the most-prescribed medications in America.


Blink Health
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